Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Honda CBR250R Delivers Good Mileage

Japanese motor company Honda had launched Honda CBR250R that is a 250 cc Honda bikes to challenge world’s best 250cc bike Kawasaki Ninja 250R. New CBR250R is a 250 cc bike equipped with traditional CBR qualities like performance, dynamic behavior and perfect ease of use. The CBR250R is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. The new Honda CBR250R is equipped with 249.4 cc, 4storke, DOHC, 4 valve water cooled engine. With the Bore-stroke size of 76 X 55 mm, CBR250R is able to produce massive power of 26.4bhp (18.7KW) which peaks @8500 rpm that makes it capable of its top speed of 164km/hr. The new CBR250R is able to deliver fuel efficientcy of 27Km/liter (WMTC mode). With 13 liter fuel tank it can give you range of more than 350 kilometer which is good enough for long rides. The Honda CBR250R has six speed gear box with wet multi plate clutch. The catalyst metal limit emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons to be at minimum. An oxygen sensor placed in the exhaust allows the electronic control unit to further reduce emissions by ensuring the best possible combustion.

The bike handling seems to be the weak link. The suspension set up is too soft, which makes the bike unpredictable at curves and the its continental tires aren’t made up of soft rubber, which is another drawback. This ensures long tire life but compromises on the handling aspect. Now when it comes to the Honda CBR250R features, it has got C-ABS (Combined braking system with Anti-lock braking system). This is the first time any 250cc bike having feature like C-ABS. The Combined Braking System is known for its effective braking control. But the C-ABS version of Honda CBR250R is Rs. 30,000 much higher than the normal version.

The styling of motor cycle reinforces sporty design with sophisticated and dynamic lines. The concept of mass centralization is widely used while designing the bike. The bike has got brand new multifunction LCD instrumentation panel which include speedometer, rpm meter, engine temperature, fuel gauge, clock and odometer. With a brilliant blue LCD backlight, the display looks modern and futuristic. Honda bikes will make it available in 3 vibrant colors -Red (similar to VFR1200F), the HRC Red-white-Blue and Black.

The optional accessories provided by Honda with this bike are purpose designed tail pack, a carbon look seat cowl, wheel rim stickers, tank protection and a u lock designed to fit under the seat. So it is overall value for money bike launched by Honda as it is available at Honda CBR250R price of just Rs 1,50,000. To get better idea about the looks and design of the bike, one can view Honda CBR250R pictures available online. Yamaha Ray latest release from Yamaha.

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