Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A close look at the all new iBall Andi 5C

The all new iBall Andi 5c launched by iBall Mobiles has created an interest among the smartphone users not just because of its features but also with its price. This device comes with a bigger screen of 5 inches and the picture quality on the screen is supreme because of its IPS technology. Although the iBall Andi 5C price is bit high compared to other Indian smartphones, it is worth for money because of the quality delivered by the company. If we make a thorough discussion about the device, we will be able to find the positive and negatives about the phone. There is not much to discuss about the negative points of the phone but the price and color density might be disappointing. The all new iBall Andi 5C price is about Rs. 13,000/-, which is low compared to multinational smartphone devices but it is higher compared to those made in India.
iBall Andi 5C
iBall Andi 5c android ICS 5-inch phone for india. There is no specific information regarding the graphic processing unit and the color density of the screen which is disappointing. Other than these, there is not much to say about the disadvantages of the device. When it comes to the specifications of the device, it comes with a 1 GHz processor that is expected to handle superior graphics of the device. The internal storage of the device is about 4GB and the external memory can be extended to 32GB. Its RAM memory is expected to be around 1GB or at least 512MB, which will be good for the phone for watching high quality videos and playing high resolution games. With these hardware specifications, browsing internet would be fabulous because it will be of good speed. Moreover, the 3G band supports up to 7.2Mbps of internet speed and the Wi-Fi connectivity will support even more.
iBall Andi 5C
Thus, users can browse superfast internet and experience the fabulous in the phone. IBall Andi 5C launched with the features of stunning 5MP camera with auto focus and LED flash feature that will be helpful to adjust lighting and to capture high quality images. Not but the least, the battery of the device is solid with 2300mAH battery and it can offer dual standby for this Dual SIM supporting phone. The phone will have to overcome the tough competition from Micromax and Karbonn in the Indian market. These Indian smartphone makers are launching back to back models with amazing specifications but for a low price. IBall need to focus on reducing the price, which will help it to achieve success in the markets. The all new IBall Andi 5C Pictures suggest that the phone is sleek and slim with a kind of Galaxy Note appearance. Hence, it will be stylish and enhances your elegance. I shared that HTC Desire X now available for sales on online retailers.

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