Saturday, September 1, 2012

TVS Wego to Compete with Other Scooters

TVS is the current market leader in the gearless two wheeler category. The company has got ample amount of experience in gearless two wheeler category and rolled out many variants in to the market. The company has made waves in the market with Pep, Pep+ and Streak. Now, it has introduced TVS Wego in the market in order to face Honda Activa, Aviator and Suzuki Access. As soon as it was launched, it caught many eyeballs and soon got popular in the two wheeler market. It was launched along with Jive in 2009 and soon it gained positive response from the customers. TVS has designed this scooter to be a family friendly bike unlike pep and pep+, which are meant for girls. Today, many men are showing interest in gearless two wheelers that made scooter market to grow in past few years. In gearless two wheeler market, Honda Activa has the upper hand in terms of sales, performance and durability. In order to compete with this Activa, TVS have launched Wego with impressive engine design.

According to the reports, the company has spent over 50 crore in order to develop the engine of TVS Wego. It proved to be worthy as this scooter has achieved good amount of sales and customer satisfaction. The best thing about this dazzling new scooter would be its impressive front view, high performing engine and durability. TVS bikes have always been the inspiration of performance oriented and fuel efficient scooters and Wego is a perfect example for those. It is important to discuss about the TVS Wego features such as body balance system. It is perhaps the first Indian scooter that introduced this body balance system. Riders will not experience any sort of problem while riding Wego. Usually many bikes and scooters wobble in sharp turns but this scooter does not. TVS Wego bagged best scooter award for 2011.

TVS Wego price is Rs. 46,195/- (ex-showroom price New Delhi) and the on road price will depend upon the accessories, life tax, and for other charges. TVS Wego pictures will definitely amaze you, as it has got next generation looks with dazzling front view. Its suits for men and women riders and it give a comfortable rider to the riders because of its body balance system. This is the reason why Wego has seen a rise in its sales in the past couple of years. The average mileage offered by this bike is around 45Kmpl, which may not impress the riders. However, its innovative body balance system will help it to draw attention towards it. Thus, spending money on this two-wheeler would be a sensible option, especially for families, as it is designed for families. TVS Wego 110cc is gearless scooter.

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