Thursday, September 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Red Color Variant is Glossy

Samsung Galaxy S III is the newest creation from the house of Samsung after the grand success of its predecessor called Samsung Galaxy SII, which acquired lots of admiration from mobile users and sold in large numbers. In fact, the Galaxy series of mobile phones have helped Samsung to reach the top and the company is now ruling the world of mobile phones. With these phones, Samsung mobiles have the responsibility of fulfilling the expectations of consumers with loads of powerful features. The new device S III has gone up higher as far as innovation is concerned with multiple techniques and classy design. In fact, the device is now available in Garnet Red in major stores across India within a price limit of Rs 37,500/- as the retail price. Samsung Galaxy S III is featured with Android mobiles features.

Galaxy S III has a display of 4.8 inches and it is a big device although the structure is slim both in the front and back portion. When you look at Samsung galaxy S III pictures, you will literally, feel the glossy finish that becomes more apparent as you hold the phone while using it. The garnet red color is simply adorable that is perfectly mingled with the glossy exterior of this device. However, some people may feel that it is a little too glossy than usual. The device is equipped with the latest Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is responsible for a clear look. The newest feature of this device is the inclusion of S Voice, which is a voice recognition service although you should refrain from using anything else than straightforward comments.
As you try to find out Samsung Galaxy S III price, it is priced bit high and Samsung Galaxy S3 can be attributed to its rich features. It is presently available at price tag of Rs 38,000. While gamers will get an opportunity to enjoy some free games from a variety of recommended titles, you can also enjoy the music and video hub.
With a variety of Samsung Galaxy S III features, you might be worrying about the consumption of battery. However, you will have to worry no longer as the battery that is used in this device is enough to run it for hours together. The 8 MP camera at the back and 1.9MP sensor in the front camera has the ability to capture video images of 720p and also allow you to take pictures at the same time. For lovers of Android, this is the best model that they could have expected within a reasonable price and the variety of features makes it an exceptionally good device. I shared that Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite now available for sale.

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