Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Will ICS Update Bring Enhancement to Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Samsung is now all charged up for their Galaxy tab ICS update. Although Samsung authorities have said that they are not any more interested on cashing over their Galaxy Tab series Tablets. These Galaxy Tab series Tablets were equipped with outdated Android OS when launched, but keeping pace with the market trend, Samsung is providing gift to update it to ICS. The upgrade will be done most probably in tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9, 7.7, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and a few other Galaxy tablets. These updations will help these Samsung mobiles to enhance its battery power, additional navel feature addition as well as mobile speed. However, no official statement has been announced but sources say that Korea and other European countries will taste the update initially. The ICS rollout will slowly be done in other countries as well.

This step of Samsung will definitely help it to increase its customer base as it clearly shows the concern which Samsung is showing towards its customers to keep them up-to-date with the latest technological updates. Latest tablet mobiles from Samsung is Samsung Galaxy Tab 620. It was launched in India only last year, but it is also in this upgrade list. This will definitely bring much required appreciation for its owners. These updations, will lead to required alterations and modifications to these Samsung mobiles, thus substantial waiting may be a worth of a choice. It will also help to extensive performance enhancement as well. Multi-tasking Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet shipping in August.

No one can surely tell why these Samsung authorities are delaying so much, considering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is already accessible with the Ice Cream Sandwich OS for reasonably some time. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 are the only ICS enabled Smartphone tablets available in the global market at this time, thus, Samsung want to protect these under a covered shield, which clarifies the updations for its oldest ones. The CEO of Samsung mobiles have made his intention clear that in recent time these Samsung mobiles will be loaded with recent up-to-date software. It also seems that the company is taking necessary measures regarding this announcement. Samsung has been producing some of the best products in the market from quite some time and they have always brought to their customers, products which are equipped with the latest technology. Thus, this update is worth the wait as the tablet users were waiting for their tablets to get updated to latest OS and finally Samsung has gave them the good news. I shared that Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 gets a price cut to promote sales.

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