Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 May Soon Get a Price Cut in India

Nokia mobiles declared that their popular mobile phone, Nokia Lumia 900 price will be halved as because these Nokia mobiles upgradation process to Windows Phone 8 is stopped. The news that the upgradation, if made to Windows Phone 8, cannot be handled neither by Nokia Lumia 900 or any the other brands operating in India, made Nokia to stand by this previous decision. However, Indian customers will have to wait a bit as Nokia Lumia 900 was launched in recent June only and thus Nokia Lumia 900 Price is expected to remain the same for some time i.e. at Rs 28,000. But it is expected that it will be slashed in the coming time in India. It has been slashed in U.S and other countries where it was launched quite earlier, so it is expected that Nokia will soon slash prices in India also Nokia Lumia 900 mobiles will be upgraded to its present-gen Windows Phone 7.8 mobile phones instead of proposed Windows Phone 8, available in the Indian market.

Windows Phone 8 pictures are superb and its less price will definitely help it in gaining much customers. Right now, these Nokia mobiles are sold in 4 color variants mainly cyan, white, black and pink (newly released in this category of Nokia mobiles). All though, it might distract some customers to buy this phone as they might think that there is some fault in this phone that’s why its price has been reduced. But, Nokia Lumia 900 features include home-screen redesigning, powerful processor, LTE connectivity, 5.6 ounce weight, whopping 5.03x2.7x0.45 inch long, 800x480 display screen, AMOLED display (providing the finest quality and highest quality display), 8 mega-pixel camera with focal length of 28 mm,1830 mAH battery, ESPN app, Youtube, Xbox Live, clock speed( 1 GHz), 16GB storage capacity, 512 MB RAM, headphone jack (3.5mm), USB port (micro), Sim card design and many more. Nokia Lumia 900 has 8 MP camera to take snapshots.
Thus, it is a nicely built phone with some descent features, which is not expected at this price range, so customer will not regret after buying this phone except that it is a Windows operating system based smartphone, which is bit different than Android and iOS presently dominating the market. The 4.3 inch display as seen through Nokia Lumia 900 pictures cleary indicates that with these Nokia mobiles keys and video will just be a pleasure to view. These Nokia mobiles also include Corning Gorilla Glass which provides its user to feel touch control with their finger tips. Thus, despite the recent updations made, these Nokia Lumia 900 mobiles still sounds like a real competitor for others and that too in such an affordable rate makes these Nokia Mobiles are real heartthrob among gen-next Indians. Nokia Lumia 900 Dark Knight Non 4G version launched in india.

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