Saturday, August 4, 2012

HTC Desire VC, One More Dual SIM Mobile

None of us is unaware about the increasing trend of using highly advanced smartphones. This trend is becoming more popular with the introduction of new Android smartphones mobiles. There are some popular mobile companies which manufacture android smartphones such as Samsung Mobiles, HTC Mobiles, LG Mobiles, etc. These companies have become very popular due to hardware combinations they come with and due to Android operating system. Android mobile operating system is one of the most featured and best operating systems in the world. HTC mobiles came with a different mobile operating system earlier, but after the company introduced Android smartphones, there is a dramatic increase in the market share of the company. HTC India is now continue to introduce new Android smartphones with faster processors, high resolution cameras and larger touchscreens.

Some popular HTC mobiles are HTC One, HTC Explorer, HTC Desire, etc. One popular mobile dual mobile launched by the company is HTC Desire V, and it has become very popular all over the country. This mobile has a great feedback in Indian mobile market. Now after the success of this mobile, the company has also introduced one more model of the series, HTC Desire VC. The mobile is also dual SIM smartphone, one GSM and one CDMA. According to the features and specifications of the handset the mobile is expected to give a great competition to Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos because currently, Galaxy Ace Duos is the most popular Android Dual SIM smartphone. HTC Desire VC features Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Furthermore, this device sports a 4.0 inches WVGA touchscreen that give you amazing output on the larger screen. The processing speed of the mobile is really very amazing and fast because it comes with 1GHz Processor. HTC Desire VC launched in india for Rs.21,999!

The internal memory storage of the mobile is 4GB and this can be further extended up to 32GB with the help of an external microSD card. To manage all the current running processes the mobile comes loaded with a 512MB RAM that will further increase the speed of the mobile. In addition, the mobile is also featured with a 5MP high resolution camera, that allows you to capture videos and photos of your loved ones with better clarity. So it means you can have better clarity while playing any video on the device. HTC Desire VC price in India is around Rs. 21,999 and this price is expected to reside in economical category if we look deeply at the features of the mobile. The design of the mobile is really very amazing and is available in different colors. HTC Desire VC pictures are now easily available on internet, you can have a look at its stunning design. I shared that HTC One S Available with good features.  


Meghu said...

HTC Desire VC is a premium device has a brilliant 4-inch display. Features are 4.0 Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, 4 GB internal memory storage and 512 MB RAM up to 32 GB via microSD card, Wi-Fi hotspot and DLNA support, 5 megapixel camera, standard Li-Ion 1650 mAh battery.

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