Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Comparison of iPad3 with the iPad Mini

Apple mobiles are something everyone craves for. This was quite evident when the Apple iPad 3 and the Apple iPad Mini were launched. With the announcement of iPad Mini, another wave has been created in the market by Apple. However, a comparison between the Apple iPad 3 price and Apple iPad Mini price would tell you an altogether different story. As for now, we shall compare the Apple iPad 3 with the Apple iPad mini. The Apple iPad Mini is supposed to be less costly than all its other counter parts and is targeted at a different audience altogether. Apple iPad3 wasn’t able to gain much success due to its predecessor being slim, but as iPad mini will be slimmer, there is a chance that it will gain lot of customer base due to this.

A lot of things such as the price and the dimensions of the Apple iPad mini are not yet announced. However, it has been anticipated that it will come with a 7 inch screen and at a relatively low price. However nothing can be said for sure. However, if the Apple ipad mini rumours are to be believed then it is going to be a respite for those who are vying for an Apple iPad but are unable to afford it. Of course, all of us are hoping that the so called rumours turn out to be true. It is said that the Apple iPad mini will take cue from the design of the iPod nano. This means it could be more angular and more appealing to the user. It may also come in varied colours. It will of course have a touch screen with great touch sensitivity like all the other ipads and all the other apple products. Apple to commence iPad mini production from this month
This one is trying to provide tough competition to it’s rival the Google nexus which is currently outdoing the Apple in the market very easily. Complete with an android and a much lower price, everyone who can’t buy an Apple is opting for the nexus. The iPad mini seems to be trying to put an end to this trend. However, the same cannot be said for iPad 3. The iPad 3 is nothing different from the other models of the iPad, the only difference being it is a little thicker and heavier. The rest, apple retains its original technology and all other functions on the iPad 3. However, Apple iPad mini cuts down on a lot of technological aspects while cutting down on the price. Only time will tell, whether the mini is better or it will be the iPad 3 hands down. I shared that Samsung Galaxy S III 32 GB coming soon.

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