Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Brief Intro of your Car's Engine

An engine is an agent or machine which performs a mechanism to do a specified task like motion in a car or bike, or production of electricity in a generator. If we talk about car engine, it gives motion to wheels with the help of clutch and gear and the car moves in the direction in which we want it to move-backward or forward. A Diesel car engine is an internal combustion engine which burns the fuel and produces energy to move the car. The internal combustion engine burns the fuel and releases the energy and exhaust in the form of gas. Cars engine have different parts which include valve, piston, combustion chamber, cooling system, starting system and lubricating system.

Valves of the engine help to control the amount of air and fuel that is released into the Combustion chamber. When the fuel burns into the combustion chamber, where the Piston connects to crankshaft by a rod. The vavletrain opens the valve to intake air and fuel. When the piston moves up, the fuel and air mixture has been compressed. In a petrol car engine spark plug ignites the fuel and in a diesel the fuel burns by compression. When the mixture of air and fuel burns it causes an explosion and drives the piston down. This opens the exhaust valve and starts the engine. Due to this cycle the engine gets heated so it should be cooled. The radiator does this job through radiator fan. The starter system helps piston to ignite the compressed fuel mix. The lubrication system lubricates the engine for proper functioning and removes friction.

The engine produces power and torque to move the vehicle. The torque is expressed in Nm(Newton meter) whereas the power is expressed in BHP(Break Horse Power). The torque is calculated according to the RPM (Revolution per Minute) of the engine. The working capacity of the engine can be measured by its power and torque. This is a brief description about working of an engine. It is simple to read but working of an engine is not so easy. Here I shared that Hyundai Neo Fluidic Elantra rolled out.

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