Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 Honda DioAffordable and Comfortable

Honda ,the power of dreams, is growing very fast in the day today market. Honda bikes are getting implemented with good technology of cutting edge. The fundamental design philosophy seeks to maximize space and comfort for the people minimizing the space required for mechanical components. It is using the effective technology of Combi Brake System, HondaMatic Transmission, Fuel Injection System, Idle Stop System. Also for introducing to future ASIMO (Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility) is a symbol of Honda's advanced technology of mobility creations, after motorcycles, automobiles and general power products. It is an achievement in the evolution of 'Human Walk' technology.
Honda Dio is designed in such a way that slimmer footboard with more leg room lets the rider touch the ground with greater ease. This makes the new ride a comfort filled ride both for guys and girls. Honda Dio Price in India is around Rs 42,632 and is available in showrooms from February 2012. Most of guys look for motorcycles going fast aggressively. So, Honda has been offering the same experience in Honda Dio which is implemented with all beautiful features that are suitable both for men and women. It is for those who want a bit of flamboyance while keeping the active practically implemented.While driving the Dio looses the heavier steel body and replaces it with a sleek plastic body which not only makes it look extremely euro-chic, but also makes it look like it’s doing 100km/h while standing still with capacity 109cc engine. The brake system is having a new combo and some design alterations were done. 
Honda Dio features reveal that it has an aerodynamic wedge design and a flowing body structure which gives irresistible appeal. The optional luggage box is possessing more space for keeping items during the time of shopping. Maneuverability is designed in ergonomical manner which gives relaxed sitting portion for smoother handling makes riding of Dio is pure bliss. It is also giving additional effective feature for mileage as well having 110cc that allow for 15% more mileage. The 3D logo gives a dazzling look to the bike, and can store 18 liters and full size helmet can be fixed under the seat. Good equipped battery requires only change after 15,000 kms, Honda Dio's tubeless tyres have a lower chance of punctures. Honda Dio Pictures looks like a refreshed new machine all together from its previous model. It comes in Pearl sun beam white, Leblon violet metallic, candy palm green, sports red and matt axis gray metallic in color. The color which is matched with the body is sprayed at front panel from rear side panels and front mudguard. The seat is Wrapped in two toned shades.

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