Friday, August 31, 2012

Honda City S re-launched in Indian market

Honda is a well known four wheeler manufacturer in India and vehicles launched by this company are always well cherished by the customers. Honda City is among the most popular car in Indian market. Now, to get benefit of this popularity, the company has re-launched an improved version of Honda City S, which is having Automatic transmission. Currently, the model is launched in 8 variants. The specialty of this model is that two of its variants are sun proof. The car is available in all the showrooms at a base price of Rs. 9.10 Lakh. There is no significant change made in the performance of the car and almost all the features are same as the previous model. The only improvement made is with the automatic transmission which is the biggest reason behind the popularity of this honda car.

The Honda City S features (AT variant) the same 1.5 liter engine capable of providing a maximum power of 116.3BHP at 6600RPM and maximum torque of 146 Nm at 4800RPM. Currently, there is no update available about the mileage figures but it’s anticipated the vehicle will be running around 16.8km in one liter of fuel. Though the lower mileage is a drawback with the car but the style and appearance is sufficient to make this car one of the most cherished vehicles in subcontinent market. As mentioned above, the car is far better looking than its previous models and the beauty of this vehicle can be easily browsed in Honda City S pictures. The interiors and exteriors of the car are very charming, capable of catching the eyes of the viewers at very first sight. The spacious and comfortable seats provide a luxurious feel to both the driver as well as the passengers. Steering and gear shift knob is adorned with leather cover. Honda City automatic now available in cheaper S variant.

There is a good amount of leather work carried out in the car which is improving its elegance to a considerable amount. The Honda City S Automatic is arriving with an enhanced chrome furnished trunk. There is a CD player for the entertainment purpose which is capable of providing high quality sound. There are also many safety features entailed into the vehicle which are helpful in minimizing the loss in case of any sudden accident. The Honda City S AT price is a bit high but the features and elegance of the car completely seems to justify with its cost.  The re-introduction of the car is welcomed with warm heart by most of the customers and the company is expecting a good response from its lovers. I shared that Mahindra XUV500 automatic diffusion modification delayed.

Freelander 2 Upgraded on The Way

Tata Motors has recently launched a new vehicle in its Land Rover cars profile named as Freelander 2. The market of India is currently stuffed with a number of SUVs and most of the manufacturers are entering into this segment. To get the most out of it, most of the companies are launching one after such vehicles into Indian marketplace. If we look at the current trend, virtually all the people are not satisfied with what they have and always try to get something better from it. Just to provide the desired quality, Tata has upgraded the previous model of this SUV and has made a number of changes.

Most of the improvements are made with the appearance of the car which can be browsed in various 2013 Land Rover Freelander 2 pictures. Not just the looks, the performance features of the new variant is significantly improved. The 2013 Freelander 2 features a superior 2.2 liter diesel engine which is capable of delivering a maximum power of 150 PS to 190 PS and maximum torque of 420 Nm. The engine is equipped with six speed automated transmission which is taking its performance to a very high level. Though, the previous version of this SUV was also excellent as long as performance is concerned, but new Freelander 2 takes the performance level to new heights. Talking about the interior of the vehicle, the upgraded Freelander 2 has a higher sitting layout. This increases the comfort level of the driver while driving this car. Freelander 2 gets an update.

Along with that, it also provide a better look of the road thus increases the safety level as well. Apart from that, most of the features of the upgraded variant are same as its predecessor. Though, you may notice quite a few improvements in the exteriors of Freelander 2 which are making the 2013 Freelnader 2 far better looking then the prior model. As discussed above, the Indian market has quite a few SUVs with almost comparable features. Thus, it’s going to be very tough for this vehicle to make its market base. One benefit this car carries is the quality and reputation of Tata which somewhere provides it with a positive aspect. Along with that, the 2013 Freelander 2 price is also an advantage with it as most of its competitors are far more priced than this car. The car is expected to be launched at a price of Rs. 33.88 Lakh in Indian market. Currently, the car is not available in India but soon to hit the subcontinent showrooms. Looking at the success of its previous model, it’s anticipated the vehicle will be able to attract its customers due to its high tech features and competitive price tag. Mercedes R Class diesel launched.

Apple iPhone 5 may feature a compact Nano-SIM

There is a hot topic of discussion in the technology world, and it’s about the most awaited gadget of the year, Apple iPhone 5. Reports say this device may arrive with a nano-SIM card and the manufacturers are pushing this SIM card to become the new standard. To ensure the quality, the cards have been passed through the European Telecommunications Standard Institute. And they have successfully passed the quality standards hence it’s pretty much obvious the new generation iPhone will be sporting this SIM card. A recent report from the company has unveiled they have started checking the compatibility of this card with various network providers and has supplied the nano SIM adaptors to different carriers.

The technology world is delighted from the fact new Apple mobile iPhone 5 features a better performing SIM card. Now everyone is waiting for the launching date of this device. Keeping the fact in mind all four previous versions of iPhone has written a unique story of success in popularity and sales. Thus, it’s pretty much obvious this device will carry the streak established by its predecessors. Quality, performance, elegance and luxury have been the most charming features of the iPhone and this device seems to carry all the features along with it. At least, the Apple iPhone 5 pictures available on various sources suggest this.
As the nano-SIM technology is very unique in the industry and no device has used it by now, there are some chances of its malfunctioning. Hence, the manufacturers are very conscious about its performance. All the efforts and testing are being carried out the manufacturers so that they do not have to encounter any kind of trouble in future. But keeping the standard of Apple mobiles in mind, it’s pretty sure this device too will be capable of providing the same level of performance as its predecessors did. Apple iPhone 5 a sim less phone coming in august.
There are some other excellent features of Apple Iphone 5 entailed in the gadget to ensure its quality. The phone is arriving with a 1GB RAM and NFC along with 4G LTE connectivity. But, the most significant feature of the phone is its redesigned which is improved to a good level. There were some issues with the design of the previous model and the company has removed those draw backs from the new gadget. Along with that, the device is also expected to arrive with a larger screen. The screen resolution is expected to be of 1136 x 640. Apart from this, the audio jack is relocated to the bottom side from the top. Despite of making so many improvements in the device, the Apple iPhone 5 price is still pretty much same to its predecessors. The price is expected to be around Rs. 40,000 in Indian market. Rumors fly about Apple’s release of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enigma Intense An Affordable Electric Scooter

The Indian two wheeler market was fired up by Enigma Auto when it launched its electric Enigma scooters in the month of June 2012. Enigma Intense is one of the electric scooters, which is pretty smartly designed and crafted. The measurement of the scooter is 1800 X 650 X 1020mm. The company has marked Enigma Intense price at INR 28,500. Since Enigma Intense is an electric scooter so it might prove as an alternative option for those people who are wretched with the continuous rise in the fuel prices. Enigma Auto has received an overwhelming response for its electric scooters and it is working hard to produce more units of such scooters. The company is determined to take its sales of Enigma Scooters to a new height. One can judge from Enigma Intense pictures that the scooter looks simple and abstemious.

This scooter might also attract those customers who are speed conscious and drive slowly. It comes with a top speed of 25 km per hour and promises a safe and secure ride to the riders. This sober looking scooter is powered by a BLDC, 250 watts, 48v motor engine. According to one of the reviews on Enigma scooters, Enigma Intense renders a mileage of 45 km per litre, which is quite noteworthy. The scooter comes equipped with 110mm rear drum brakes and 80mm front drum brakes. Enigma Intense features self start, speedometer and low battery indicator. The most attention grabbing attribute of Enigma Intense is the alloy wheels, which gives a classy look to the scooter. The battery takes almost 7 hours to get full charged up and it is quite efficient too.
Apart from Enigma Intense, the company had launched two more electric scooters i.e. Enigma Creasent and Enigma Muscular. The former comes with a price tag of INR 31,500 whereas the price of latter is marked at INR 30,000. Enigma Scooters are available in four color preferences i.e. red, white, brown and black. What makes these scooters more amazing is the minimal service cost. Since the scooters are electric so they require less service as compared to other scooters, which run on fuel. The only factor that may prove disadvantageous and drive away the sales of Enigma scooters is the life span of the battery, which is probable to sustain for 2 years only and the new battery would cost nearly around Rs. 9,000. Enigma Auto is firm to sell 20,000 units of its electric scooters by the end of 2012. It can be concluded by questioning that will the company be able to achieve its sales target? Bajaj Pulsar 200NS, a synonym for style and fashion.

Mercedes R Class Diesel Launched

The well known luxury cars manufacturer Mercedes cars have recently presented its customers with a festival gift. The excellent featured Mercedes-Benz R-Class diesel variant was launched on 8th August 2012. Having royal interiors, eye-catching exteriors, sturdy SUV body and high-tech safety features, the car is just one of its kinds. The R-class diesel is surely a sight to behold and a beauty surely deserve to be unveiled. The car is an improved diesel variant of the successful petrol model which was introduced in subcontinent market last year. The Mercedes R350 CDI 4MATIC has quite a few excellent features which puts it into the segment of sport cars. It’s adorned with a smart cluster of contemporary LED daytime running lights and 18-inch spoke wheels which provide it with a glamorous outfits.

In the past few years, the manufacturers are facing a tough competition provided by BMW and Audi in luxury car segment. But the reputation of the company and affordability of its cars is the biggest positive aspect. Along with that, the company has always come-up with a solution for every kind of requirement of its customers. Same is the case here as new Mercedes R class features 7-seat adjustment which is making it a perfect car for families. The car is also arriving with an in-dash six-disc CD changer which is enabled with universal media interior. There is a telescopic steering wheel with electric adjust. The comfort of passengers is ensured with rear-seat air conditioning and three zone climate control. The memory seats of the car turn an ordinary ride into a royal one. Also, there is a roomy boot zone and sufficient storage of 633 to 2385 liters. All in whole, the car is a beauty in itself and it can be easily browsed in Mercedes R Class pictures unveiled by the company. Mercedes Benz R-Class 350 CDI launched.

But, it’s not just the appearance of the vehicle which is making it a royal car. The performance has always been a plus point with Mercedes and this vehicle is not an exception at all. The car is equipped with a mighty 2987cc diesel engine. It’s also been blessed with a 7G-TRONIC mated with 4WD transmission. The rear-end air suspension adds to the comfort of the vehicle. With the complete package of power, comfort and elegance, the Mercedes R Class price is rated at a sum of around 59 Lac in the Indian market which still seems very affordable keeping other cars of this segment in mind. Though fuel efficiency does not count a lot when we are talking about something luxury like this still it’s one of the biggest concern for Indian customers. And the company has taken a good care of fuel efficiency while designing the car. The R-class diesel is capable of delivering and excellent mileage of 11.25 liters which is best in luxury segment. The bottom line is, the Mercedes R Class is certainly the best choice for those who desire to enjoy a luxury ride but are not willing to hurt their pocket too much. I shared that New generation Hyundai i10 expected to arrive by late 2013.

Mahindra XUV500 Automatic diffusion modification delayed

Mahindra XUV500 which was expected to hit market by anytime around this year will now be launched in the year 2014 due to delay in closure of the source of automatic transmission supplier. Drivetrain System International is the automatic transmission supplier of Mahindra Scorpio. It has been first instance that there has been a delay in the supply of automatic transmission due to technological difficulties. There was a time when the transmission was found to be inaccurate to the sloping layout of the engine, but they overcame all such problems. Mahindra XUV 500 pictures reveal it is stylish and dynamic in looks along with comfortable seats and compact gearbox.

When Mahindra Scorpio was launched, it created the fantastic buzz around the market and the company noticed the record sales. Mahindra cars are generally priced around Rs 10-15 lakhs and seeing Mahindra XUV 500 price, one can easily expect that this wonderful SUV has lot to offer. Mahindra XUV 500 AT’s stylish and dynamic looks makes it a favorite car and it might become the much awaited model to be launched in the year 2014. Mahindra cars are popular for their looks and excellent features and highways are the best place to run Mahindra cars. It is best suited for long journeys and can run smoothly even on rugged surfaces and underdeveloped roads. Mahindra XUV 500 features include powerful handbrake and brake controlling systems, compact five gearboxes, tremendous speed stability, powerful door locking systems, audible sound system. Mahindra XUV500 holds maximum capacity of 8 persons and it will serve as a perfect holiday family trip with joyous and smooth ride. Mahindra XUV 500 to come with voice command technology.

Mahindra XUV 500 SUV is the upcoming monster of Mahindra. Due to delay in supply of automatic transmission because of technological difficulties, there has been a buzz that Mahindra might use lower quality speed automatic transmission units and that too with a torque converter. It will actually turnout to be a rumor and when Mahindra XUV 500 car will be launched, one can expect graded and quality speed transmission units with a torque converter. Mahindra cars are highly used in greater volume for long road trips and family holiday trips and at times even for carrying loaded carriages at distant places. Mahindra’s best aspect it provides excellent mileage and offers excellent return on diesel which provides dual benefits of less energy consumption and efficient vehicle for long road trips. Mahindra XUV 500 AT might have been delayed for sometime but it’s assured that there will be no compromise with the quality of automatic transmission of Mahindra SUV 500. Its base models and top ranged models are expected to hit market at the same time priced around Rs. 11.5 Lakh and Rs. 14 Laky. .

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Generation Hyundai i10 expected to arrive by late 2013

Just a couple of years ago, Hyundai cars launched a budget friendly car i10 for common Indian men. The car has acquired significant popularity amongst people and the company established quite many records in its sales. After that, the manufacturers launched the face lifted model of the same vehicle named the Next Gen i10. This car too repeated the success story of its predecessor. Excited with the success of these two models, the company is now arriving with yet another upgraded variant of i10 in 2014. Some trustworthy resources have unveiled the second generation 2014 Hyundai i10 will be based on the modified platform of the current version. From some spy 2014 Hyundai i10 pictures, it’s clear the new generation i10 will be equipped with a new front bumper and large air intake.

Apart from this, the vehicle is also expected to sport sweptback headlights and sloping roofline. There are some improvements made in rear tail lamps as well. It’s anticipated Hyundai may puts in the LED technology in the rear lights. Thus, it’s clear the vehicle is surely going to be a value for money product from the company. Hyundai is currently second largest four wheeler maker in India. The company is getting very tough competition from other manufacturers but has succeeded to secure its position by now. Now, the company is targeting the top position and this car can be a big trump card for the company to achieve this milestone. And 2014 Hyundai i10 features seems to fulfill the expectations as there are very few number of vehicles available in the subcontinent market having such specifications. To strengthen its position in the market, the company is completely depending upon the Chennai manufacturing plant of the i10. Hyundai india launches 5-Star assurance program for new i10 and Santro.

Hyundai launches sixth edition of free car check-up camp. The car will be manufactured in this plant and will be exported to 140 countries. The car will be featured with a new 1 liter Kappa engine which is currently under development process. Along with that, the car may also arrive with 1.2 liter Kappa and 1.1 liter diesel engine. There is no update provided about the power and torque figures by now, but the company may reveal these facts in 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is expected to arrive in the showrooms by the end of 2013. The 2014 Hyundai i10 price is expected to start from around Rs. 5 Lakh in Indian market. Being at such affordable price tag, the car is sure to give some sleepless nights to its rivals and we may enjoy a good competition for the first position fight. Tata Safari Strome will hit the indian showrooms on 24th september 2012.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sony Plans to Update Xperia Mobiles

Sony mobiles recently made an announcement of its release of the Android 4.0 updates for its some ancestors. Seven days later after the commencement of the Ice Cream sandwich roll-out for its series Sony Xperia P, this declaration almost stirred the world of the Sony Mobile users. But the release will be very much dependent on the country as well as telecom operator of the country. Thus quite obviously if the telecom operator is not active then going with their commitment will not be possible. One more bang to the world of gadgets is that all Sony Xperia Mini, Sony Xperia Pro, Sony Xperia Active, Sony Xperia Ray will be getting a smart release along with the improved versions of ICS updates for the phone devices which have already embraced ICS releases long days before. Such updates get inclusion of the various bug fixes, certain performance tweaks and also several other enhancements.

No doubt, it will fulfill wishes of many of its customers, who were just waiting for this update as several other manufacturers has already rolled out this update in the market and also, reviews are good for ICS OS. If by some means your phone is included within any of Xperia Ray, Xperia Arc, Xperia Active Xperia NEO, Xperia Arc S, Xperia Mini, Xperia NEO V and  Xperia Pro then beyond any doubt the device will be suffering from improved ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ updates. If chances say that your mobile has already run ICS for its previous release, then without any kind of hassle you can make updation to its newer version by means of the over-the-air. In case if your phone is still running on Gingerbread, the sole possible mean is updating it by making use of the PC Companion Software. Sony Xperia P to start getting ICS update from August 19.

Recently the Sony Experia P got announced in the year 2012 during the ‘Mobile World Congress. Then again this February Sony Xperia S got its commencement from Sony. Although Sony Xperia S is considered as the Xperia flag conveyer, it is also regarded as the first ‘Sony Only’ flag bearer. The ‘S’ has also been tagged as the benchmark for the upcoming Xperia handsets which got announced during the Mobile World Congress held this year. The other handsets of the Xperia family include the Xperia, U, Xperia P and Xperia Sola. If comparison are made between the each family members of the Xperia Series then truly there does not exist any sole winner as all family members have been spiced up with their very own characteristic traits and conveys the characteristics of their ancestors. Sony Xperia S is more sophisticated than Sony Xperia P.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS, a synonym for style and fashion

Bajaj Bikes are renowned for their innovative engineering and design. Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is one of the popular bikes from the house of Bajaj Auto, which is a true example of dedicated manufacturing and craftsmanship. Bajaj Pulsar 200NS price is tagged at INR 85,000 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). The hot and sizzling Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is motorized a liquid cooled single cylinder 4 valve SOHC engine. This massive 199.5cc engine churns out an apex power of 23.52 PS at the rate of 9,500 rpm together with 18.3 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm. The all new Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is blessed with a large 33mm carburetor along with 6 speed gearbox. The bike comes with a rocketing acceleration as it can touch a top speed of 100 km per hour in just 10 seconds with a top speed of 140 km per hour. This power packed bike from Bajaj boasts a twin spar frame and a monoshock suspension unit at the rear.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS features newly designed fuel tanks and air-scoops, alloy wheels, digital LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) console meters, LED tail lamps, sharply styled turn indicators, sporty split Seats, split grab rails and sporty mud guards, electric start with auto choke, telescopic front and 5-step adjustable nitro suspension at rear, twin pilot lamp and pass switch, front disc brakes for efficient braking.One can judge from Bajaj Pulsar 200NS pictures that the bike comes with bold and aggressive looks. The appearance of the bike is quite sporty and muscular. Bajaj Auto claims that the bike will offer an amazing riding experience to the riders. The bike comes with amazing handling and safety features. The superior suspension system reduces jerk at uneven and bumpy roads and also augment handling and control of the bike. New Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS comes with unique specifications.
This all new bike from Bajaj Auto is likely to give a strong battle to Yamaha FZ-16, Honda CBR and TVS Apache. Some of the other attributes of Bajaj Pulsar 200NS comprises of digital fuel gauge, self-start, tachometer, digital trip-meter and speedometer, low-fuel indicator, low-oil indicator, low battery indicator, wide and comfortable step-up seats, tubeless tyre etc. It can be questioned that is Bajaj Pulsar 200NS worth the price?In the catalog of upcoming bikes, Bajaj Auto is planning to launch Bajaj Blade in the month of August 2012. The company is determined to regain its lost market share in the scooter segment. According to one of the reviews on Bajaj Bikes, Bajaj Blade is expected to come with a price tag of Rs. 45,000. Bajaj Pulsar 200NS launched.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos Dual SIM Version of Galaxy S

Looking like Samsung Galaxy S III, the Korean mobile manufacturer has revealed a new Dual sim mobile version of Samsung Galaxy S. The mobile is named as Samsung Galaxy S Duos and it is currently available for sale in the Indian mobile segment. It is one of the best in the class among the other popular Samsung mobiles, which comes with the similar looks of the top selling smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III. The device is a decent phone that comes with simple specifications and features. Considering the appearance, the device is bit thicker and the screen comes lot smaller than that of its original version. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos price is to be around Rs. 21,000. The attractive Samsung Galaxy S Duos pictures are currently available on various online sites.

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos features with a 4 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen along with screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and 16M colors. The display of the smartphone ensures the users a clear and crisp viewing experience with its high pixel density of 233 ppi. The phone also comes with added display features like accelerometer, proximity sensor, digital compass, Multi-touch input method, Touch-sensitive controls. The device features with smart sensor features include accelerometer sensor, gyro sensor, proximity sensor and digital compass. The smartphone is loaded with best entertainment services like music player and video player with multi format support and Stereo FM radio with RDS. Measuring with dimension of 121.5 x 63.1 x 10.5 mm the smartphone feel comfortable to hold in hands. The weight of the mobile phone is 120 grams. The smartphone is installed with 4 GB capacity of internal user memory to storage favorite music, videos, and other stuff. The device runs on an Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The Device is powered with a Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A5 processor supporting with Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon chipset and Aderno 200 graphic processing unit. Samsung set to launch Galaxy S Duos next month worldwide.
The device also supports GPRS and EDGE connectivity, Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP and microUSB v2.0 with USB On the go support. The smartphone ensure high speed internet access with its 3G connectivity support with HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA up to 5.76 Mbps. The device is enabled with an attarctive internal user storage of 4GB and an additional 512 MB RAM to ensure better performance. The smartphone also supports with an external memory card slot that can be expandable up to 32GB via microSD card support. The HTML and Adobe Flash lite web browsers are well enabled in this device. The other smart features included in this devices, Java MIDP emulator and A-GPS support, dual SIM and dual standby, SNS integration, document viewer and predictive text input. I shared that HTC Desire VC, one more dual sim mobile.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Micromax A73 – an affordable smartphone with Android operating system

Today, smartphone mobile market is flooded with various brands of phones that could live up to the expectation for the price paid. Well, to discuss about such phones, Micromax A73 is one such phone that truly deserve to be the best smartphone in low budget range. As it comes with satisfying features and specifications, one can make a move towards the nearest Micromax mobiles store to place an order for the phone. This phone will definitely lives up to the expectations of its users in all aspects but its battery backup seems to be discouraging. Well the company seems to have focused on rolling out a budget smartphone to reach common people. Well, as the market for entry level smartphones soaring up, the company is competing with other brands to roll out cheaper smartphone with asserting style.

Today, there are plenty of brands selling their entry level smartphones with attractive price tag. When it comes to Micromax mobiles, it focused on the Micromax A73 price as well as features. It comes with a TFT touchscreen that has a resolution of 360x480 pixels (with 256k color density) and a size of 3.5 inches. It allows you to play MP4 videos and various other audio files in a stereo quality sound. Spending Rs.6000/- on this phone would return complete value for your money by living up to your expectations. No doubt it is among the top entry level smartphones with valuable features. Its camera quality is not impressive as it is just 2MP that captures pictures only in 1600x1200 pixels. However, its camera comes with an LED flash light that enhances picture quality in poor lighting conditions. Micromax launches A90 Superfone pixel smartphone in india.
To discuss more about Micromax A73 features, it has a 3G support and Wi-Fi for a faster internet browsing experience. It allows you to stream videos from YouTube, update Facebook status and play games in good resolution. It comes with a 50MB of internal memory and external memory is expandable upto 32GB. Micromax A73 pictures will let you view the stunning outer look of the phone and drive you towards nearest showroom to own this phone. Its battery backup would be its main drawback as it provides very low battery backup and standby time. On the whole, purchasing this entry level phone will help those who look for cheap and best phone. This may help few professionals as it is incorporated with document viewer and java support. Thus, it is an ideal option to spend money on A73. I shared that HTC One X, A remarkable cell phone from HTC mobiles.

Minor cosmetic updates for Hero CBZ Xtreme

The CBZ Xtreme from the Hero MotoCorp house has been one of the most flourishing 150 cc bike in India. Hero bikes have been known for belting out some of the stunning and successful bikes in the context of the Indian market. With growing times, there has been an increase in the competition where newer products and models are introduced every day. So, in order to keep up in the bike race Hero has announced some minor upgrades to the Hero CBZ Xtreme model. It was a perfect time for Hero to upgrade this bike to keep up with similar models in the market.
Hero  Cbz Xtreme
The Hero CBZ Xtreme was launched by Hero MotoCorp, which is by the way World’s No.1 Company for two wheelers, during 2007. The CBZ Xtreme went through some major lifts before it was re-launched the next year. The 150 cc bike comes with a large multi reflection headlamp with integrated turn indicator systems. The handle bars have a silvery gloss finish and the logo shining bright at the center below the key hole. Both the front and back indicator lights have a smooth transition with the main lights and that gives a unique look to the bike. The other Hero CBZ Xtreme features include the nicely contoured colored body part that connects on a line from the tail to the tank. Coming to the dash board, it has 3 dials as in the speedometer, the fuel indicator and the rpm indicator which overall presents a nice look.
Hero  Cbz Xtreme
The latest cosmetic additions to the Xtreme includes the trendy digital analog combo display console, split seating options, the attractive new prism LED tail lights and a five spoke all new alloy wheels that comes with front and rear disc brakes. These additions for sure give a boost to the look of the Xtreme but the engine specifications remain the same. The CBZ Xtreme has a 149.2 cc engine with smooth pickup and greater mileage. The bike provides a maximum power of 10.6 KW at a rate of 8500 rpm. A 5-level gear box along with a fuel capacity of 12.3 liters (1.5 liters in reserve as well) in Hero CBZ Xtreme is here to stay. The Hero CBZ Xtreme price startsfrom Rs. 67,000. The indicator lights and the rear grip handles make the bike unique in the country. The powerful performance with stunning looks, as evident from the Hero CBZ Xtreme pictures,says the story. This bike has been upgraded by Hero after the split from Honda and thus, it is quite expected that Hero is trying to present itself as a self sufficient entity by re-launching the bike with better features. 2012 Honda Dio affordable and comfortable bike.

Tata Safari Strome Will Hit The Indian Showrooms on 24th September 2012

After all the buzz and speculations, the much awaited Tata Safari Strome is going to hit the Indian market on 24th September. According to one of the review on Tata Cars, Tata Safari Strome launch will be in stages and the company will showcase the SUV first in Chandigarh. The bold and beautiful SUV was unveiled at the Indian Auto Expo, which was organized in the first quarter of the present year and was supposed to launch in the month of June. Tata Safari Strome price is tagged between INR 9-12 lakh. The major question that crop up in mind is will the new Safari Strome be able to show similar kind of performance as the earlier Safari did? It would be exciting to see what impact Tata Safari Strome would create in the Indian car market.

One can judge from Tata Safari Strome pictures that the SUV looks muscular and brawny. The outer part comprises of revamped headlamps, unsullied wide grille, new wraparound headlamps with projectors, thick chrome band on radiator grille and newly designed front bumper with round fog lamps. Tata Safari Strome features a spacious cabin, which can easily seat 7 adults with absolute ease and comfort. The inner part of the SUV boasts a powerful air conditioning system with climate control and 2 AC vents, new meter dials with white backlight, Multi-information display, power windows, power steering, leather seats etc. The all new Tata Safari Strome carries a 2.2 litre DOHC DICOR diesel engine. This massive engine churns out an apex power of 140 bhp at the rate of 2179 rpm together with a peak torque of 320 Nm at the rate of 1700 rpm. The engine is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission and will come with 2WD and 4WD options. The SUV is outfitted with five twin spoke alloy wheels, which gives a bold and sturdy look. Tata Motors going to launch new version of Safari with Safari Storme.

Tata unveils new Safari Storme SUV at Auto Expo, to hit market next fiscal. From the safety perspective, Tata Safari Strome is blessed with disc brakes, remote central locking, 6 airbags, anti lock brake system, electronic stability control, electronic brake distribution, traction control, brake assist, parking sensors for superior parking, fog lamps for finer vision in case of inauspicious weather situation. The SUV is bestowed with an in-built music system, which promises to make the journey enjoyable and pleasurable. It can be concluded by stating that the all new Tata Safari Strome will surely compete against the Mahindra Scorpio and recently launched Renault Duster, which are already getting an amazing response from the Indian Customers. I shared that 2012 Maruti Ertiga: designed for family trip.

HTC One X, A Remarkable Cell Phone from HTC Mobiles

HTC One X was announced in the month of February 2012. The company launched the gadget in April 2012. By looking at HTC One X pictures, the first thing that comes up in mind is that the gadget looks spectacular and stunning, which can take anyone’s heart. The gadget is very smartly designed and crafted as it comes with a thickness of 8.9mm and weighs roughly around 130 grams. HTC One X gives a superior and premium feel in the palm. The mobile is outfitted with three physical keys i.e. a power button on the top and higher and lower volume buttons on the right side. The front part of the gadget sports three capacitive touch keys for the Back, Home, and Recent Application functions. HTC One X is a 4.7 inch Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen phone, which delivers a resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels along with 16M colors. The corning gorilla glass protects the screen of the gadget from scratches and dust.

One can store thousand’s of songs, videos, games in HTC One X as the mobile is blessed with an internal memory of 32 GB along with 1 GB of RAM. The handset is bestowed with connectivity features like GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC and Micro USB. HTC One X is equipped with an autofocus 8 megapixel camera, which let the user to capture images at 3264 X 2448 pixels. The 8MP camera features LED Flash, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, face and smile detection. The mobile also boasts a secondary 1.3 megapixel camera. Some of the other attributes of HTC One X includes Stereo FM Radio with RDS technology, A-GPS support, multi format audio and video player, 3.5mm audio jack, accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor, HTML and Adobe Flash browser etc. HTC One X gets update, still waiting on Jelly Bean.
HTC One X runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system in conjunction with Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor. HTC One X features standard Li-Po 1800 mAh battery, which is quite capable of delivering a healthy talk time, standby time along with music play back time. The company has tagged HTC One X price approximately around INR 35,000. By looking at HTC One X features, price and specs, it can be stated that the gadget surely competes against the other very well known mobiles like Samsung Galaxy S III, Sony Xperia S and Apple iPhone 4S. According to one of the review on HTC Mobiles, the company is scheduling to launch HTC Revolver and HTC Arrive by the end of the present year. Both the gadgets are likely to fall between the range of INR 25,000-30,000.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Micromax Launched A90 Superfone Pixel and A100 Superfone Canvas Available in India

The 12th largest handset maker in the world, Micromax has launched the two new Android based smartphones in the Indian mobile market. The company launched Micromax Superfone Canvas A100 and Micromax Superfone Pixel A90.Micromax has tagged Micromax A100 price at INR 9,999 whereas Micromax A90 price is marked at INR 12,990. According to one of the review on Micromax Mobiles, Micromax A90 and Micromax A100 are powered by Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4.0 operating system. These newly launched gadgets are also blessed with AISHA voice assistant application.
Micromax A90 boasts a Super AMOLED 4.3 inch screen, which offers a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels along with 262k colors. The handset is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera together with a 0.3 MP front facing camera, which let the user to do video calling. Micromax A90 comes with 512 MB of RAM and features a microSD card slot, which allows the user to expand the internal memory up to 32GB. So, one can easily store plenty of songs, videos, games and other applications in the mobile. Connectivity options like 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and Micro USB are available in the gadget. Some of the other features of Micromax A90 comprises of 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio, 1 GHz dual core processor, 1600 mAh battery, which is quite capable of delivering a talk time up to 5 hours along with a standby time of 174 hours.
If we talk about the attributes of Micromax A100 then the gadget carries a 5 inch screen, which delivers a resolution of 480 X 854 pixels. One of the attention grabbing features of Micromax A100 is the dual SIM facility, which let the user to operate two separate numbers in the same gadget. Micromax A100 is motorized by powerful 1 GHz dual core processor. The handset is outfitted with a 5 megapixel camera with LED Flash option. Micromax A100 is bestowed with an internal memory of 4 GB. With the help of microSD card the user can stretch the internal memory up to 32GB. The mobile features connectivity options like 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. The gadget boasts a 3.5mm audio jack, which permits the user to connect the earphones in order to listen to the music. The 2000 mAh battery ensures that one gets an amazing talk time, standby time along with music play back time. Micromax is also planning to update both the smartphones to Jelly Bean by early next quarter. The company is determined to set its position on top in the smartphone segment with renowned brands like Nokia, Samsung and HTC. It can be concluded by questioning that will Micromax Mobiles be able to accomplish its aim? I shared that Sony Xperia Neo L a phone with ICS OS.

2012 Honda DioAffordable and Comfortable

Honda ,the power of dreams, is growing very fast in the day today market. Honda bikes are getting implemented with good technology of cutting edge. The fundamental design philosophy seeks to maximize space and comfort for the people minimizing the space required for mechanical components. It is using the effective technology of Combi Brake System, HondaMatic Transmission, Fuel Injection System, Idle Stop System. Also for introducing to future ASIMO (Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility) is a symbol of Honda's advanced technology of mobility creations, after motorcycles, automobiles and general power products. It is an achievement in the evolution of 'Human Walk' technology.
Honda Dio is designed in such a way that slimmer footboard with more leg room lets the rider touch the ground with greater ease. This makes the new ride a comfort filled ride both for guys and girls. Honda Dio Price in India is around Rs 42,632 and is available in showrooms from February 2012. Most of guys look for motorcycles going fast aggressively. So, Honda has been offering the same experience in Honda Dio which is implemented with all beautiful features that are suitable both for men and women. It is for those who want a bit of flamboyance while keeping the active practically implemented.While driving the Dio looses the heavier steel body and replaces it with a sleek plastic body which not only makes it look extremely euro-chic, but also makes it look like it’s doing 100km/h while standing still with capacity 109cc engine. The brake system is having a new combo and some design alterations were done. 
Honda Dio features reveal that it has an aerodynamic wedge design and a flowing body structure which gives irresistible appeal. The optional luggage box is possessing more space for keeping items during the time of shopping. Maneuverability is designed in ergonomical manner which gives relaxed sitting portion for smoother handling makes riding of Dio is pure bliss. It is also giving additional effective feature for mileage as well having 110cc that allow for 15% more mileage. The 3D logo gives a dazzling look to the bike, and can store 18 liters and full size helmet can be fixed under the seat. Good equipped battery requires only change after 15,000 kms, Honda Dio's tubeless tyres have a lower chance of punctures. Honda Dio Pictures looks like a refreshed new machine all together from its previous model. It comes in Pearl sun beam white, Leblon violet metallic, candy palm green, sports red and matt axis gray metallic in color. The color which is matched with the body is sprayed at front panel from rear side panels and front mudguard. The seat is Wrapped in two toned shades.

Micromax A90 With The Best Features Of Super AMOLED Display

The world of mobiles is coming up with specifications that are new and exciting. The display with 4.3 inch screen and Super AMOLED 262 k colored specification is the best feature of the A90 from Micromax. The phone can be used to take pictures and then you can edit the pictures and videos to bring out the effect with additions from software. The A90 Micromax mobilesis an Android phone that can give you features that can help you spend time with ease.
The Micromax A90 contains two cameras and the Bluetooth feature and Wi-Fi connection help you to transfer any size of file to other phones or your laptop. The phone has got two cameras and the one that is 8 mega pixel is set in the back to use to take pictures and videos and the front camera is used to chat and speak over video chat with some specific software. The camera in the back comes with LED flash and the phone works with the Android 4.0 operating system with ICS and 1 GHz processor. The Micromax A90 price comes in cheap when you compare the features with the other phones, which is Rs 12,999 presently. The Micromax A90 features are delightful and are filled with the features that are most required by the general people. The 512 GB RAM and the 32 GB expandable storage system gives it a faster speed and more space for all types of files. The internal memory is of 1 GB and it also helps in storing the text messages and the contact or images in suitable way. The Bluetooth 2.1 and the 3G network are all the features that are needed for fast internet and file transfer. The Wi-Fi connection is there in the phone for all types of router. Micromax to launch android phone A90.
The Micromax A90 pictures taken from the phone are the one which will earn you accolades for the clarity and the graphical quality. The phone has a sophisticated design that can make the user feel proud of the Android. The Audio and Video software that are available for the files that you have in the phone and the external storage. The files that you have in the phone can be used to listen to songs or to view the videos with exceptional graphics and you can also work on the images and the pictures that you save in the phone. The fast internet connectiongives you access to the social networking for connectivity with your friends. I shared that Nokia C2-03, featured economical mobile.

Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Maruti Ertiga: designed for family trip

Maruti Ertiga ends the much awaited desire of driving a perfect sedan packed with deadly combination of excellent power and efficient fuel. It has given excellent competitors to its counterparts SX4 and Swift Dzire in terms of both power and fuel efficiency. Maruti Erga is one of the popular maruti cars and was rated as the best upcoming maruti cars. It can reach 100km/h in as less as 13 seconds and provides fuel returns of 14km/l on roads and excellent 21km/l on highways. Therefore on an average it provides fuel returns of 15km/l which is more than both of its counterparts i.e Swift Dzire and SX4. Although it’s not a MUV car but even its not a hatchback as it holds the maximum capacity of 7 persons so it can be called a blend between of both segments.

Maruti cars have always come into phase for its aggressive pricing and highly competitive features. Maruti Ertiga is priced at Rs 9 lakhs with stylish and extremely comfortable interiors soothing to welcome those who wish to sit inside the car and its front portion is lavishly designed providing feeling of warmth and ecstasy. 2012 Maruti Ertiga price is very competitive and highly efficient after seeing its high features and excellent speed combined with excellent fuel efficiency. 2012 Maruti Ertiga pictures creates an excitement of thrill and adventure since its newly colored with black and silver color metallic body with Dzire shape is the perfect option to take into consideration. Maruti launches dedicated website for Ertiga.

2012 Maruti Ertiga features gives a perfect alternative of how a sedan would look packed with stylish looks and classic features. Maruti is available in both diesel and petrol variant. Its petrol model is powered by K series 1.4 liter petrol engine generating maximum  power output of 95 Ps and max torque of 130 Nm. On the other hand, its diesel engine is equipped with 1.3 lier DDiS engine producing 90 Ps of max power and 200 Nm of max torque at 4000 rpm. Those looking to shift from hatchbacks to MUV, 2012 Maruti Erga is the perfect option and must be taken into consideration. While on the trip with the family, the extremely cool air conditioner inside and fresh air outside will provide luxury and comfort and will serve as a memorable trip. 2012 Maruti Erga even before its launch created lot of turnaround and is providing tough competition to its competitors after its launch too. Maruti has always kept its customers at priority, which is reflected after Ertiga’s launch too as it is priced bit low seeing its features. Maruti Ertiga launched in india.

Nokia C2-03, Featured Economical Mobile

Nowadays, one of the most important things for a person is to communicate with other people, and this is done by mobile phones. The use of mobile in India as well as other countries has increased dramatically with time. Hence, there are lots of mobile companies, manufacturing mobiles and introducing them to cover the Indian mobile market. But out of all the companies, one name that has its everlasting fame and popularity is Nokia mobiles. Its fame is everlasting because this is the company which introduced the mobile devices in India for the very first time. Though, today there are lots of leading competitors of the company, which have also covered a big part of Indian mobile market. Some examples of such competitors are Samsung Mobiles, Apple Mobiles, LG Mobiles, etc.
Some popular Nokia mobiles are Nokia C6, Nokia N8, Nokia Asha 300, etc. The main reason of the increasing popularity of the company is that it manufacture mobiles according to Indian market, and hence cover the lower and higher part of market. It manufactures highly advanced smartphones like Nokia Lumia 900 and highly featured economical mobiles like Nokia Asha 300. One more example of such economical highly featured mobile is Nokia C2-03. Nokia C2-03 was launched in September, 2011 to compete with popular touch mobiles like Samsung and LG Mobiles. One of the best things about this mobile is that it has a touchscreen and a keypad also to input data. This feature of both touch and type input has increased its popularity further in Indian mobile market.

Nokia C2-03 features a 2.6 inches TFT resistive touchscreen with pixel resolution of 240 x 320 pixels having pixel density of 154 ppi. The internal memory of the device is only 10MB but this memory can be externally extended up to 32GB with the help of an external microSD card. However, a 2GB memory card comes installed with the mobile. Design of the mobile is quite amazing and beautiful. To have a look at its design you can google for “Nokia C2-03 pictures”, this will redirect you to the collection of latest pictures available for this mobile. Now we come to the most amazing part of the mobile, the price. Nokia C2-03 price in India is only Rs. 3,630 and that is too economical if you look at the features of the mobile. Furthermore, the mobile has also got a 2MP camera so that you can capture videos and pictures to store the memory with your loved ones. Nokia has introduced lots of mobile series which are really very affordable and comes with all the essential features to give you the best user interface.  

LG confirms Android 4.0 ICS update for Optimus 2X, Optimus Black and Optimus 3D

Great news, LG confirms today that the Ice Cream Sandwich OS update for the following high-end LG smartphones, the Optimus 2X, the Optimus Black, and the Optimus 3D. The update will soon available, the user should still wait for some time. The LG Optimus 2X, Optimus Black, Optimus 3D and the Optimus LTE would be the first LG devices that would get the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update confirms LG on their Facebook page. LG is one of the most brilliant electronic manufacturing companies in the entire globe. The company launched not only mobile phone but also launched many home applicant devices. LG has launched many outstanding models in India. The LG mobiles has got good response from their Optimus series of mobile phones.

The LG Optimus 3D is enabled with 4.3 inches 3D LCD capacitive touch screen display which can give 480 x 800 pixels resolutions. The weight of the model is 168 gm. The model is endowed with 8 GB internal and up to 32 GB external memory via Micro SD memory card. The LG Optimus 3D is featured with dual 5.0 MP main camera which can give Stereoscopic photos and videos, geo-tagging, LED flash and auto focus as camera features. The mobile phone is integrated with 1500 mAh standard power supply battery which can provide stand by time up to 450 hours and talk time up to 13 hours for 2G and 9 hours for 3G.
The LG Optimus Black is packed with 4.0 inches IPS LCD capacitive touch screen display along with 16M colors support. The device is enabled with a 5.0 megapixels camera along with geo-tagging, LED flash, smile detection and auto focus as camera features. The mobile phone also features with a 2 MP secondary camera. The model is endowed with a 2 GB internal memory and an external memory slot which can be expandable up to 32 GB via MicroSD memory card. The mobile phone is integrated with 1500 mAh standard power supply battery which can provide stand by time up to 375 hours and talk time up to 6 hours for 2G. LG Optimus Black, the update to android 4 ICS is leak.
The LG Optimus 2X will run on Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo), v2.3 and powered with a Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9. The processor is supported with Nvidia Tegra 2 AP20H chipset and ULP GeForce graphic processing unit. The device is loaded with a primary camera of 8 megapixels which is having a inage recording resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. The user can capture high quality pictures with smart camera features includes autofocus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, face and smile detection, touch focus and image stabilization. The device is also emabled with a secondary front facing 1.3 megapixel camera to make video calling. The device sports with a 4.0 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display supporting with 480 x 800 pixels and 16M colors. Sony Xperia Neo L a phone with ICS OS.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sony Xperia Neo L A Phone with ICS OS

When it comes to Sony mobiles, it is a renowned organization which is known for beautiful and elegant mobiles. However, the market is already overflowing with a variety of Smartphones although there is no dearth of possibilities when it comes to Sony Xperia Neo L. This particular variety has undergone an up gradation from the previous design belonging to the category of neo phones. Sony Xperia neo L comes with a large size screen measuring 4 inches along with Android Ice Cream Sandwich as operating system. There are some alterations for the previous design of Sony that includes the elimination of HDMI port. Sony Xperia Neo L features include Android 4.0 ICS. The processor consists of 1GHz Scorpion followed by 512 MB RAM, Snapdragon MSM 8255 Chipset and Adreno 205 GPU. The Micro SD card slot is substantiated with a support of 32 GB. The 5 MP camera is brilliant along with LED flash, 3D Sweep Panorama and geo tagging that allows it to count among popular Sony mobiles.

The screen is powered by Sony Mobile Bravia engine and consists of LCD touchscreen with LED backlit capacity belonging to WVGA resolution, and 16M color. Phone is laden with proximity sensor and accelerometer. There is a VGA camera in the front portion with the facility of video chat through Google and Skype. Facility of voice dialing is also included along with Adobe Flash 11 version. It has capacity of 720p Video with consistent autofocus and sound resembling to that of a stereo. In the mobile, quad Band GSM is supported by GPRS and EDGE facility. When you find out Sony Xperia Neo L price, it is Rs 17,750, which is bit high as there is no HDMI port, , absence of FM radio, the location of memory card slot below the battery and lack of camera shutter keys as part of hardware. However, many phones in this range are having these drawbacks, but Sony has always kept customer satisfaction at priority thus its bit unusual. Sony Xperia neo L launch in india.
On the other hand, the absence of Dual core processor is something that might upset users although lack of HDMI port is also a matter of concern. While looking at Sony Xperia Neo L pictures on the internet, you must also try to find out the exact reasons for which this device should be purchased. In fact, presence of Android ICS adds beauty to the mobile despite the disadvantages. Sony is continuously floating its Xperia series with some fully featured mobiles. It includes Xperia Arc, Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia mini, Xperia Neo series. Xperia series has been acclaimed a lot by critics due to its beautiful interface, elegance and performance. Neo L disappoints at some features but still it is one of the finest mobile of Xperia series.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Will ICS Update Bring Enhancement to Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Samsung is now all charged up for their Galaxy tab ICS update. Although Samsung authorities have said that they are not any more interested on cashing over their Galaxy Tab series Tablets. These Galaxy Tab series Tablets were equipped with outdated Android OS when launched, but keeping pace with the market trend, Samsung is providing gift to update it to ICS. The upgrade will be done most probably in tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9, 7.7, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and a few other Galaxy tablets. These updations will help these Samsung mobiles to enhance its battery power, additional navel feature addition as well as mobile speed. However, no official statement has been announced but sources say that Korea and other European countries will taste the update initially. The ICS rollout will slowly be done in other countries as well.

This step of Samsung will definitely help it to increase its customer base as it clearly shows the concern which Samsung is showing towards its customers to keep them up-to-date with the latest technological updates. Latest tablet mobiles from Samsung is Samsung Galaxy Tab 620. It was launched in India only last year, but it is also in this upgrade list. This will definitely bring much required appreciation for its owners. These updations, will lead to required alterations and modifications to these Samsung mobiles, thus substantial waiting may be a worth of a choice. It will also help to extensive performance enhancement as well. Multi-tasking Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet shipping in August.

No one can surely tell why these Samsung authorities are delaying so much, considering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is already accessible with the Ice Cream Sandwich OS for reasonably some time. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 are the only ICS enabled Smartphone tablets available in the global market at this time, thus, Samsung want to protect these under a covered shield, which clarifies the updations for its oldest ones. The CEO of Samsung mobiles have made his intention clear that in recent time these Samsung mobiles will be loaded with recent up-to-date software. It also seems that the company is taking necessary measures regarding this announcement. Samsung has been producing some of the best products in the market from quite some time and they have always brought to their customers, products which are equipped with the latest technology. Thus, this update is worth the wait as the tablet users were waiting for their tablets to get updated to latest OS and finally Samsung has gave them the good news. I shared that Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 gets a price cut to promote sales.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sony Xperia Ion, Newest Xperia Series Gadget

In the limelight is the latest Xperia Series gadget from the house of Sony Mobiles i.e. Sony Xperia Ion, which is now available in the Indian Mobile market. Sony had publicized this gadget at the Consumer Electronic Show, which was organized earlier in the present year. According to one of the review on Sony Mobiles, the company has tagged Sony Xperia Ion price at INR 35,999. One can judge from Sony Xperia Ion pictures that it is a bar shaped gadget, which looks quite big and gives a premium feel in the palm. Sony Xperia Ion is powered by the Android 2.3 gingerbread operating system in conjunction with a dual core 1.5 GHz processor. Sony Xperia Ion sports LED-backlit LCD capacitive touchscreen, which delivers a resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels along with 16M colors. The large 4.55 inch screen of Sony Xperia Ion is protected by the scratch resistant glass.

Sony Xperia Ion is outfitted with a 3.5mm audio jack, which permits the user to listen to the music by connecting the earphones. The user can expand the internal memory up to 32GB with the help of a microSD card. Sony Xperia Ion features connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE, 3G HSPA+ support, HDMI out, Wi-Fi, DLNA, NFC and A-GPS. Sony Xperia Ion works on HTML5 and Adobe Flash browser.Sony Xperia Ion sports an autofocus 12 megapixel camera, which renders a resolution of 4000 X 3000 pixels and features LED Flash, Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, 3D sweep panorama and image stabilization. The gadget also comes with a secondary 1.3 megapixel camera, which allows the user to do video calling. One will surely have an amazing music experience as the gadget is loaded with a stereo FM Radio with RDS technology along with multi format audio and video player. Sony Xperia Ion launched for indian stores.
The standard Li-Ion 1900 mAh battery in Sony Xperia Ion ensures that the user gets a talk time of 10 hours in 2G and 4 hours on 3G networks along with a music play back time up to 12 hours.Sony Xperia Ion is preloaded with Google Voice Search, Google Talk with video chat, Google Mail, Google Calendar, Facebook and Twitter apps.By looking at the price and features of Sony Xperia Ion, it can be stated that the gadget will surely compete against the other well-known gadgets like HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 4S. But the major question that crop up in mind is will Sony be able to make its position on top with renowned brands like Nokia and Samsung? I shared that Sony Xperia P will come in pink color.

Nissan Evalia, Full Specification out

Nissan Cars, one of the key players in Indian automotive industry, and the latest in joining its fleet is the new Nissan Evalia. This car is expected to be launched on 25th September. It will be available in four variants, and all of them will have diesel cars. This is a 7 – seater van. Nissan motors have given this a K9K series engine. It has 1461cc engine, CRDI engine, developed in joint venture by Nissan and Renault. It has a 5- speed manual transmission gear box. The engine has max power of 85 bhp and produces a max Torque of 200 Nm. The ground clearance of the van is 180mm, and its overall dimensions are 4400x1695x1880 (LxBxH). It has enough space to seat 7 adults comfortably. If you look at the Nissan Evalia pictures, you will see that the interiors of the car are quite plush and impressive. All the seats provided are reclining, including the last row of passenger seats also. The second row of seats is foldable, and this row has two head rests.

The vehicle has a manual AC with heater. It has power steering, with the tilt steering option. There is folding table at the back of the seats. All these Nissan Evalia features add to the comfort of the car. As we look at the external appearance of the Nissan Evalia, the first thing we notice is the Sliding passenger doors. The van has body colored bumpers across all the variants. The OVRM is electronically controllable. Alloy wheels are available at the top end variant only. The rear of the car has a very boxy look to it.  The car comes packed with safety features like front air bags at both the driver and passenger seat. This option is not available in the low end versions. There is ABS with EBD, and also the Brake Assist system. There is a door open warning system. These are some of the safety features which will make this car popular in India. Nissan India unveils Nissan Evalia MUV at Auto Expo 2012.

There are few features available only in the high end variants of Nissan Evalia like rear RR cooler and parking assist with the help of the rear view sensor, central locking system, and keyless entry. It has immobilizer with intelligent key, colored display at the instrument panel, and many more. Nissan Evalia price is expected to be in between Rs 9 – 12 Lakhs, which will give a tough competition to its rivals. Another innovative feature it boasts of is the Front Wheel Drive of the van. This means that the floor of the van will be flat and will, therefore, give plenty of leg rooms to the passengers. Nissan fans are eagerly waiting for this car and thus Nissan Evalia Review so that they can buy their favorite car.