Monday, July 16, 2012

Yamaha Ray may be launched during Diwali

Auto Expo Event at New Delhi 2012 can be regarded as one of the major events of the year associated with automobiles industry. Many organizations belonging to the automotive sector were present for the event. All of them had their products situated at that place also but the most remarkable item among them all was the range of Yamaha bikes. Yamaha bikes were outstanding in their style, looks and features. Especially the Yamaha Ray grabbed the major attention from the viewers. This spectacular bike is scheduled to be launched by the end of 2012 itself. Yamaha has been consistent with supplying tough bikes, which is most required by the youth of India who seek adventure on rough Indian roadways. The Yamaha Ray is very comfortable for the women folk too with addition to the subtle and enjoyable outer appearance. With such an eye-catching look, the Yamaha Ray is bound to well achieve its target sales within a short period of time.

In India the starting Yamaha Ray price will is expected to be at INR 50,000. It is even said to vary with the market trends in demand and supply in the recent years to come. Yamaha Ray featuresinclude an engine with a capacity of 125cc which can generate power up to 10 HP and a secure system of brakes to provide greater safety and protection when running on rough roads. To top it, it is also accompanied with an iconic pair of fashionable wheels made of alloy and a wide seating space which provides adequate comfort while driving. The wide space capacity can also be used as a storage point underneath. Yamaha Ray pictures a perfect bike, which is reliable and affordable as well.

Hence it is obvious that this upcoming Yamaha Ray bike has all the attributes of being successful on Indian roads. The two starting colours for this brand bike are pink and yellow. The brand ambassador of Yamaha bikes, the famous John Abraham, will be launching the bike in public, which will be available in a shade of deep pink. Thus it can be understood that the bike is targeted to attract females to a great extent. It is expected to be launched near Diwali, which will definitely prove to be wonderful time for Yamaha as most of the bikes are sold at Diwali only. The CEO and Managing Director of Yamaha Motor, India, Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, stated on this occasion that Yamaha has produced a bike sample which has all the features of a typical Yamaha along with a touch of “beauty” and “style”, signifying that this is how young Indian girls are. With the launch of Yamaha Ray, distribution centres all across the country will be able to supply the bike. I recently shared that TVS Apache RTR 180 features review.

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