Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Audi Q3

It seems that manufacturer of Audi were not contended with the success of Q5 so they have launched Audi Q3, an even smaller crossover to compete with BMW X1 and yet to be launched Mercedes Benz B class Tourer Hatchback. Audi Q3 crossover marked its entry into India by month of June 2012. The launch of Audi Q3 marks another chapter of the success story of Audi in India. Audi Q3 sets in motion with a capacity of 2 litre TDI turbo diesel engine which will yield an utmost power of 170bhp and 350Nm of torque.

As of now, no ratification has been made regarding the petrol variant of the car but rumours are there in the market which suggest that it might arrive in the month of September/October 2012. Ostensibly, Audi Q3 crossover sports a TFSi motor which is having the capacity of 1968cc that churns out a peak power of 211bhp. Audi Q3 crossover has been assembled at Audi’s manufacturing unit, which is situated at Aurangabad via CKD kits. It can be assumed that this assembling alleviates the price of Audi Q3 so that it can match its standards. However, there is not much price difference when it comes to its comparison with BMW X1 but it choose to go with a loaded diesel variant instead of petrol from the beginning. Audi Q3 price starts from Rs. 26.71 lakhs and goes upto Rs. 31 lakhs.

Therefore, Quattro all wheel drive mode which comes as a canonical feature on Audi Q3 comes this time integrated with automatic S-tronic transmission. Due to these remarkable features Audi Q3 have an acceleration in its price which will go a bit higher than BMW X1. Audi Q3Some other features which Audi Q3 includes are Start Stop technology, LED daytime running lights whereas panaromic sunroof will come up as a facultative one. There seems no doubt about the topmost position which Audi is enjoying currently by launching such luxurious segments and it will continue to do the same in future. I shared that Mahindra Verito Arriving With A Refreshed Look.

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