Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Apple iPad with advance technology

There are only few products, which have dominated the entire category. Xerox, iPod and Intel are some of them. iPad is also one such revolutionary product from Apple, which itself defines the whole tablet industry. It has been around 2 years since its launch but no more tablet has gained such immense popularity, which iPad was able to achieve. Apple products are known for their performance and perfect features, which can be seen in its all products. Whether it is Macbook, Macintosh, iPhone, iPod and iPad, all are so perfect that Apple products craze has been escalating since its inception. Apple recently launched the third version of its iPad after iPad 2 and named it “The new iPad”. It was quite unexpected from Apple mobiles (seeing their past trend) to name their product as “The new iPad”. Same as its predecessor, It has also been raved for its features and is being liked by tablet fans.

The new Apple iPad was launched in India 3-4 months after its launch in several other countries and here too it generated high sales in the month of its launch. Apple products have become a luxurious brand among the customers, but then also it is bought in high numbers by loyal Apple fans. Keeping the attributes of previous two models in mind, it was pretty obvious the new sibling of them will be equipped with superior specifications. And new Apple iPad features completely seems to be proving it right. The gadget is entailed a good assortment of excellent features which make it the boss of gadgets of this segment. New stunning retina display, Apple A5X chip with quad-core graphics and 5 megapixels camera are some of the specifications of this Apple device. The new model is still capable of delivering the same 10-hour battery life.

New Apple iPad launches in China with short queues and no chaos and it's price is decided according to the variant. 16GB model will cost Rs 30,500; 32GB is available for Rs 36,500 while the 64GB model is available for Rs 42,500. Along with that, the gadget is also available in Wi-Fi + cellular model and the prices for these gadgets are Rs 38,900, Rs 44,900 and Rs 50,900 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively. The gadget is available in two colors black and white. Currently, the company is busy collecting previews of the device to comprehend the market stats. According to them, it’s expected the gadget is surely going to make a big buzz in the industry. One can easily browse through The New Apple iPad pictures available on the internet to get an idea about the look and design of this newly launched tablet. The first version of the iPad was a revolutionary step taken by the Apple and the beauty is keep increasing with every upcoming model. Though, this new Apple iPad is best amongst them but it’s expected the upcoming models are going to be entailed with some of the unbelievable features. For now, waiting is all one can do. I shared that Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Review.

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