Thursday, July 12, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 May Come in August

Apple mobiles are getting ready to launch another sequel in iPhone series. There is news that Apple Inc is planning to launch their most awaited smartphone device Apple iPhone 5 in the market. According to some news inputs this new sequel will be featuring one of the top features like, fastest operating system and many more new features. The new Apple iPhone 5 is expected to hit the market by end of August 2012. According to a website, Apple iPhone 5 will be having a new type of charger dock, it is said that Apple Inc has shrunk the 30 pin connector to 19 pin connector. Though apple has not commented anything on this report but the website publisher is pretty much confident about this news. We have to wait and watch if this news is really true when this device is officially released in the market or when Apple officially makes any statement about this report.

As of now this information must be taken with a grain of salt. There is no official information on the Apple iPhone 5 price, for accurate information on Apple iPhone 5 pricing we have to wait until the smartphone giant makes an official statement. There is information that the new iPhone will also be coming in different shapes and sizes unlike its traditional design. There is a buzz that the new smartphone device is in the shape of a pear. If we look at Apple iPhone 5 features, the new Apple iPhone 5 would be much thinner, and will have a wider and longer display screen. There are reports that the headphone jack will be repositioned from top position and is relocated to the bottom area. Some other visible changes could be wider and larger speaker grills, the back panel will be having a two tone color.

In spite of so many rumors, one thing is pretty confirmed that the new, Apple iPhone 5 will be running on iOS 6, and this information came from the horse’s mouth. Apple iOS 6 Operating System was recently released by Apple Inc at WWDC 2012, San Francisco. According to Apple Inc, iOS 6 would be the most powerful and feature packed operating system from Apple, and also will be fastest operating system. If we take a look at Apple iPhone 5 pictures, this new device will be available pear drop structure. If we look at Apple iPhone 5 features, this new device from apple is expected to come with 4G LTE capabilities.  Apple iPhone 5 will be featuring better face camera and this new device may also include HD Face Time camera in iPhone 5. I shared that iPhones and Galaxy Phones who will take over the market.

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