Thursday, May 3, 2012

Volvo S60 to Lock Horns with BMW 3 Series in the Battle of Domination

Whenever there is a comparison that is to be made between cars, it seems to be a frightening and challenging assignment. This is mainly because, today all the cars are equipped with best in class features and fuel efficient engines making it complex to select from them. Complications increase further when you don’t just have to compare but when you actually have to choose one out of these cars. We have been asked to do one such assignment involving the magnificent Volvo S60 and the elegant BMW 3 Series. Volvo Cars are known to be a favorite with the wealthy and high profile people of the society. While BMW Cars are a status symbol for many and is a proud possession for numerous citizens. The price tags of these cars are proof enough to explain the kind of clientele these beautiful sedans command. The Volvo S60 Price in the country is starting at Rs. 25 lakh, while the BMW 3 Series Price is a little lesser at Rs. 24.4 lakh, both prices mentioned are of ex-showroom New Delhi. 
The exteriors of BMW 3 Series are similar since quite some time now, while the Volvo S60 has a refreshing feel with a spanking new front fascia. The interiors of both these cars are mind blowing but again the Volvo S60 takes the lead with a few advanced features in its kitty. BMW 3 Series is a very balanced car while driving and sticks to the ground; it is sheer pleasure to drive this with good responsive steering with mounted controls giving you a luxuriant feel. At the same time the Volvo S60 has a little more Bhp than its rival. This makes it faster and an added feather to the cap is the AWD as well as the cruise control, which is optional in BMW 3 Series. But at the same time, it is very surprising that the top speed of both these cars is quite similar. The central console in the Volvo S60 is flowing and is simply awesome, but the BMW 3 Series also has a plush cabin with an amazing comfort. Both these cars have top of the line safety features, but the BMW 3 Series have side airbags which are not present in the other car. Other smaller features like a rear spoiler and rear fog lamps are present in the Volvo S60, while the BMW 3 Series has a panoramic sun roof, which is optional for the other car. Overall, as mentioned earlier it is improbable to decide, which one of these is better than the other. Both these premium sedan cars have a niche of their own in the market with a loyal and dedicated fan base.
In the meantime, quite a few SUVs and sedans like – Tata Safari Storme, Renault Duster, Audi Q3, Premier Rio Diesel, New Chevrolet Captiva, New Hyundai Elantra, BMW 3 Series, Volkswagen Jetta petrol and Audi A4 are readying up for their respective launches in the coming future. In contrast, Skoda Fabia Scout has been launched and can be booked from any of the exclusive Skoda India dealerships across the country. I shared that Volvo Heading for Good Times Ahead with New Launches Coming Up and Toyota India Riding the High Wave With 49% Growth in April, 2012.

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