Thursday, May 3, 2012

The sCloud to be Launched with Galaxy S III

Samsung is launching its new mobile from Galaxy Series today, Samsung Galaxy S III. There have been lots of news and updates within the last few weeks about the features of S III. But Samsung has confirmed that sCloud service will be available to its fans along with the Samsung S III launch. Apple has already launched iCloud along with iPhone 4S and iPad 3. Both services are almost same and used to store content on a remote server. Samsung was involved in various patent disputes with Apple in the courts from Australia to Germany, but despite of these problems Samsung has decided to launch sCloud along with S III. Samsung Mobiles have increased their presence after introducing Android smartphones and this has proved that Samsung India stands as the highest selling mobile company in the world.

Apple Mobiles are also very popular for their unique design and highly advanced features. Samsung has become the leading competitor of Apple India because Samsung Mobiles are very economical and come with highly advanced features and faster processing speed. It has a variety of mobiles starting from a small price range to highly featured smartphones like Galaxy S III. Samsung S III price in India will be declared with its launch today. It is expected that this mobile will definitely beat the iPhone 4S as it has all the comparable features and it is expected to be a bit economical than iPhone 4S. It is expected that sCloud will definitely beat the iCloud because Samsung is offering unlimited service with less storage restrictions that are imposed by iCloud.
The sCloud will come with a VOD-store, where you can find free audio and video content that is available on Google Play. The iCloud has also very good customer feedback but it hasn’t replaced some services like Dropbox or Microsoft Skydrive. One major difference between sCloud and iCloud is that Samsung is allowing its users to store any type of content through this service. This can be a major reason of success of sCloud over iCloud. Samsung Mobiles and Apple Mobiles together account for 70 percent of total sales of smartphones in the world. Though both companies are competitor but these are very popular for their advanced and reliable services. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung India is ready for yet another check-mate situation for defeating Apple India. I shared Samsung Galaxy S III features and samsung mobile may ncome in Aprail.

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