Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Royal Enfield Classic 500

The Enfield based manufacturing company was certified to produce bicycles in the year 1893. In the year 1955, Royal Enfield India was established when the Redditch, Worcestershire based company joined hands with Madras Motors in India and started assembling Bullet Motorcycles under license from United Kingdom in India. The ingredients for first machine were shipped from England and finally in the Year 1957, the tooling was sold to Royal Enfield India so that they could manufacture components themselves. By the end of 1962, Royal Enfield India was manufacturing complete bikes. At present, Royal Enfield India exports motorcycles in a huge number to almost twenty countries including United Kingdom, United States and other Western countries. Royal Enfield Bikes are well-known for their heavy weight and stunning looking high bike prices. Royal Enfield Classic 500 is one of the Royal Enfield Bike that runs on the latest technology. Royal Enfield Classic 500 price in India is tagged at Rs 1,46,500 (on-road, Mumbai).

The engine of Royal Enfield Classic 500 is motorized by a commanding 499cc single cylinder engine, which depends on fuel injection rather than a carburetor. The UCE constructed engine minimizes the friction occurrence that takes place from movable parts and also reduces the transmission losses. The powerful 499cc engine has the capacity to churn out the peak power of 27.2 bhp at the rate 5250 rpm and an impressive torque of 4.21 kgm at the rate of 4000 rpm. The engine of Royal Enfield Classic 500 is equipped with an electronic fuel injection system. This fuel injection system works on to get the best possible combination of air and fuel depending on ride conditions and speed levels.

Along with the engine, the gearbox of Royal Enfield Classic 500 is quite smooth and quicker, which gives a positive feel to the rider while riding this amazing bike. Royal Enfield Classic 500 is outfitted with 90/90 front and 120/80 rear tyres, which makes the handling of this bike easy and comfortable. In comparison to other Royal Enfield Bikes, Royal Enfield Classic 500 is the best in riding. Royal Enfield Classic 500 reviews reveal that this stunning bike renders a mileage of 35 km per litre. The oldest motorcycle brand Royal Enfield is still in the production with Bullet model. It is enjoying the best ever motorcycle production run of all the time. Royal Enfield Classic along with Royal Enfield Electra is the best selling models in the country. So, there is no doubt that Royal Enfield bikes scores high in the Indian Bike Industry. I shared that Honda Aims to Curtail Hero Motocorp Growth Run.

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