Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Miraculous Gadgets Which Changed the Face of Car Driving

Since the inception of the automobiles, they have always been admired and have come a long way with varied changes and newer technologies. The engines have been evolved and so have been the designs and other features integrated in them. Most of the features or gadgets and technologies are generally incorporated in these cars while they are being manufactured. Read about these and completely agree with the list so thought might as well talk about them. These are the gadgets that have changed the complete outlook of motoring. These gadgets are a standard feature in almost all the Luxury Cars and are optional for other Sedan Cars. Toyota Cars, Audi Cars, Mercedes Benz and numerous other vehicles have been fitted with these gadgets to enhance the driving experience.
To start with the first such interesting gadget is the Keyless entry and Push button ignition system. This technology which is very convenient for any owner was first used in the 1993 and was successfully fitted and utilized in the Chevrolet Corvette and since 1998 is being fitted in certain models of Mercedes Benz. This keyless entry system (smart Key) is nothing but a lock that controls the access to the automobile; it is extremely good for protecting your vehicle from thieves and works on an advanced technology. While the push button start is used to activate the ignition and start the car once the smart key is used to unlock the car and also extricate the engine immobilizer. The second one is the all important Satellite Navigator; this device is exceedingly helpful to find your way around in a new city. This gadget is being used widely since, 1994 and is a standard feature in many luxury cars and can also be bought from any accessory outlet as it is quite reasonably priced. The next gadget is the Parking Assist system, this impressive gadget is also being integrated mostly in bigger vehicles to make it simple and easier for them to be parked anywhere.
This system was developed by Toyota and is being used effectively since, 2004. Another innovative technology is the Bluetooth, which is being used in cars as well to give certain voice commands to the audio system and also pair your mobile phone and talk without moving your hands. This feature is being built-in to the cars of all segments and is very convenient for all the drivers in peak traffic conditions. The latest technology of Night Vision that is being used in several luxury cars now is said to be an inventive system for helping drivers during the night by picking up object not visible for them through Infra-red and Thermal Imaging. These images are displayed in the monitors that are generally on the dashboard of the cars and the range is of close to 300 meters ahead. The last one on the list is the on-board computer, which previously used to display the temperature outside as well as the time. But now there have been a lot of additions to it and carmakers have their own different software’s that can be customized according to the drivers whim’s and fancies. With such creative and user friendly features, car driving experience is becoming very delightful and enchanting. The gadgets are going to be further improved and newer ones will keep coming in the upcoming future to make motoring further enhanced and better.As rumor has it, the facelift of the Mercedes M Class is expected to launch tomorrow, wonder what more might be added to this list after that?
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