Thursday, May 3, 2012

Many Brands of Mobiles are Available in the Market

India is becoming advanced everyday in terms of technology. Indian people are changing their lifestyle to western culture. Mobiles are one of the best examples of today fast growing technology in the world. Earlier the mobiles were used only for communication, but due to continued advancement of technology the mobiles are becoming multipurpose devices. You can use mobiles for communication, entertainment, music, games, internet, education etc. The features are continuously becoming advanced in mobiles. Nokia is the first company which introduced mobiles in India. There are several other companies also like Samsung, Sony Mobiles, Apple, LG, and Blackberry Mobiles.
Apple and Samsung mobiles are the most popular mobiles in the world. Samsung and Apple together account for the 70 percent of total sales of mobile phones in the Global Mobile Market. Samsung mobiles have increased its market share by more than 50 percent in last couple years with introduction of Android smartphones and tablets. Apple has always been very popular for its fastest, most advanced smartphones in the world. Within last 12 months Sony and LG has also increased their mobile production to increase their presence in Asian Pacific mobile market. The features are continuously improving in terms of design, processing speed, graphics, and internet access speed.
When mobiles came with the access to the internet, then it was a great revolution in the world of technology. Latest phones are coming with the fastest internet speed like 3G and 4G. This is increasing the competition among the mobile companies. At present 3G mobiles are the most popular mobiles. Apple has recently launched its all new devices enabled with 4G internet connectivity. The downloading speed in 4G is up to 100 Mbps. Sony has recently launched its new series Xperia after the break up with Ericsson. In India many domestic mobile companies are there which have increased their market share recently by providing cheaper mobiles to Indians. I shared that Huawei Honor All Features and HTC One X Specifications Revealed.

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