Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Honda to Bring Hi-Tech Innovative System to Deal With The Great Indian Traffic

Japanese automobile giant Honda is coming up with revolutionary systems on vehicle communications. These inventive systems will assist in the deterrence of traffic snarls and also assist in fuel conservation. Honda Cars have been one of the Most Popular Cars across the globe for their fuel efficient and low emission engines. With this new technology that will be fitted in their Upcoming Cars, the company is all set to take themselves to the next level. This path breaking system is being designed in collaboration with the University of Tokyo Research Centre for Advanced Science and Technology. This ground breaking system will work through varied on-board terminals that will attach to a cloud based computer system, which will then permit communiqué between the drivers on the same road. This system will aid these car drivers to keep up suitable distance among the cars and in turn will avoid them from crashing into each other by ruling out tailgating.

Apparently, this will rationalize and streamline the traffic, will help in saving the precious fuel to an extent and the traffic will move is a more organized and methodical way. This path breaking system will incorporate a set of color codes, which will in turn specify to the car drivers whether they need to accelerate, slow down or drive smoothly. This amazing system is all set to be initiated in the countries of Italy and Indonesia from May this year. With the help of this system, there will be a 23% increase in the average speed and at the same time the fuel efficiency will be hiked by around 8%. This seems to be an incredible step of advancement from the company, now let’s wait and watch how it will affect the traffic conditions across the globe. Not to forget that integrating this system in their vehicle might also increase the Honda Car Prices to a certain extent.
With the coming in of this technology the Honda cars wish to achieve great heights. With the rising popularity of the cars like Honda Brio, Honda Jazz, Honda India looks all charged up and going as strong as ever. On the other hand, the Indian car market is all set to welcome a cluster of SUVs and sedans such as Tata Safari Storme, Renault Duster, Audi Q3, Premier Rio Diesel, New Chevrolet Captiva, New Hyundai Elantra, BMW 3 Series, Volkswagen Jetta petrol and Audi A4 in the coming weeks. While, Skoda India has launched a top end version for their Skoda Fabia hatchback series recently and have christened it as Skoda Fabia Scout.
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