Friday, March 2, 2012

Fords next gen SUV EcoSport to get automatic transmission

Ford India has created a buzz by introducing a variety of automatic cars in Indian auto markets of late. The automatic versions of its sedan Ford Fiesta and SUV Ford Endeavour have already been released. Earlier, Michael Boneham, Managing Director, Ford India, briefed media reporters that this is a part of Ford’s well planned business strategy.Fresh rumours in the auto circles indicate the next in line to be equipped with automatic transmission could be its new generation SUV FordEcoSport. Ford EcoSport Price is anticipated to start from Rs 9 lakh onwards. Ford EcoSport pictures reveal the trendy design of the much anticipated SUV.

There is still some uncertainty on Ford’s latest innovation, its unique automatic gearbox, being included in Ford EcoSport. Management at Ford India hinted at the possibility of the gearbox being included in the SUV but also insisted that the final decision on this would be taken by the team of engineers at Ford Motors. Globally speaking, automatic cars have been the preferred choice of cars lovers for a while now. Globalization of the Indian economy has changed the mindset of Indian car lovers. Auto reviewers suggest that the elite class in India is showing keen interest towards the latest sophistications in automobile technology. Customers with deeper pockets want to own the best in technology and are willing to pay a higher price for it. 

When it comes to state of the art innovations in automobile design and technology, only a few car makers can match the precision and expertise of Ford Motors. Fuel prices have been on the rise in India. The automatic version of Ford Fiesta received an overwhelming response from Ford’s fans and reviewers alike. It also proved that automatic gears are equally frugal to their manual counterparts. Ford EcoSport Review suggests that Ford EcoSport, one of the most anticipated SUV of this year, will find a special place in the hearts of Indian customers.    


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