Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Volvo V40 hatch to be unveiled at Geneva Auto Show

Volvo India, one of the premium and luxury cars makers in India have announced that they are planning to launch a new car in the small car segment. This launch would be somewhere in the starting of 2013, according to the Managing Director of Volvo India – Mr. Tomar Emberg. The company already has a beautiful fleet of cars for sale in the Indian car market. Some of these are the Volvo S60, Volvo S 80, Volvo XC60 and so on. The latest entrant is expected to be the Volvo V40, which might also be displayed at the Geneva Auto Show for the first time. This small car is anticipated to replace the Volvo S40 and also the Volvo S50 station wagons. This small car is a 5 door model, whose design features and looks are considerably like the Volvo S60.

The noteworthy features of this Volvo V40 are a hexagon shaped front grille, head lamps which are swept back, a flowing rear design with a risen belt line. The hatch back of this car is made of glass, which makes it look stylish and upmarket. This car has a 2.0 liter modular environmental architecture engine made by Volvo, which is a 4 cylinder car to power it. This car would be about 177 inches long and is derived from the latest scalable platform architecture. This technology is now going to be used in almost all the cars made by the company and to be launched in future.

If at all the company plans to introduce this car in the Indian market, they would bring it as a CBU and will compete with the Mini Cooper and the upcoming car Mercedes Benz B Class, which was launched recently. It is expected that Volvo V40 would be priced aggressively and in comparison with the Mini Cooper to get an edge in India.

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