Friday, February 3, 2012

Honda not to bring Diesel Brio in India

Speculations are sometimes meant to be avoided. Same happened this time, actually few days ago it was rumored that Honda India is coming with diesel version of Honda Brio in 2012, but for now this seems not to happen anymore. The Honda India officially declared that the company is not planning to introduce diesel variant of its popular hatchback Honda Brio not at least in year 2012. Earlier told that the 1.2 litre of diesel engine will house the diesel Brio which will be offered along with petrol version of the car. So this is going to disappoint many car lovers who were pretty excited for the launch of new i-DTEC diesel engine to be adorned in diesel Honda Brio.

Well no more despair, as the Honda India introduced this 1.6 litre i-DTEC diesel motor which will be able to generate high power, torque along with higher fuel competency which will be witnessed by the consumers in 2012 Honda Civic. The above mentioned engine is the first of its kind and is said to be being developed by the company. Well for now with the announcement of non introduction of diesel Brio, the company is quite prepared to resume its full production of both Honda Brio and Honda Jazz whose demands are on peak right now.

Talking about Honda Brio and Honda Jazz, the Honda Jazz is the face lifted version brought in 2011 and Honda Brio was launched at entry level car  which created  a lot of buzz in market, Honda Brio price was tagged vry competitvely.Honda Brio pictures are quite attractiive. Production of both the cars have been stopped due to Thailand floods . So the only Honda City Sedan is being produced in small numbers since that time. But now the company is all geared to resume its production.

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