Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beat diesel outshines Indica eV2, become most fuel efficient car

This spells good news for Chevrolet Beat consumers, fans and the company as the diesel Beat has been acknowledged as the most fuel-efficient car in india. The International Center for Automotive Testing (ICAT) has announced that the new Chevrolet Beat has registered a fuel efficiency of 25.4 kmpl beating its closest rival Tata Indica eV2 that had registered a fuel efficiency of 25 kmpl and claimed to be the car to record the highest mileage so far. It looks like Indian cars have marked a huge improvement in terms of fuel efficiency as evident from cars such as the 2012 Tata Nano that have numbers of 25.3 kmpl despite being powered by a petrol engine.

The new Beat had undergone a minor engine upgrade that has increased its mileage from 24 kmpl as recorded earlier to the current figure of 25.4 kmpl that marks quite an increase. This case is quite similar to that of Tata Indica eV2 that too had been reintroduced after a small engine overhaul. The Chevrolet Beat pictures show that the interiors and the overall look of the car have been rated as better than eV2 which has more appeal in the business sense than personal.

Car manufacturers over the world have been going strongly in terms of coming out with cars recording good numbers in terms of fuel efficiency. Tata Nano 2012 is one such example where a car has great mileage and has low levels of fuel consumption. The increase in demand of diesel cars is evident of the direction in which car companies are making efforts to come out with vehicles that cater to the primary demand of every car owner – good mileage. Relevant examples include Tata Nano CNG and Volkswagen XL1 diesel that have phenomenally overwhelming numbers of 30-35 kmpl and 111 kmpl respectively. 

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