Friday, January 6, 2012

Tata reveals Manza Hybrid and Nano CNG

Tata motors is all set to make country's 11th Auto Expo 2012 a very happening one. This time their main focus on the fuel efficiency cars, which will produce the economical fuel average. The auto expo is the place where all the car companies provide the technical and clever piece of the advance technology in their concept cars. The company is very keen to add more enhanced features and their strategies are very clear on the particular segment of car. All about the Tata cars are very less with advance technology, which can be seen in the concept car by the company. Tata India has unveiled its all new compact Tata Nano CNG and the Tata Manza sedan in the hybrid section all these cars will be shown at Auto Expo 2012 this week. This new compact Tata Nano CNG will soon going to hit Indian shores as well as in various global car markets. Mean while the auto expo 2012 is booming with the new technologies of Hybrid and concept cars.

Tata is very keen in their strategy and they has worked specially on the fuel economical cars. The company unveiled the Manza Hybrid cocept for which it seems that the cokmpany is been very serious to launch it very soon. Particularly the Manza car will be packed with the DICOR engine and powered with three cylinder version of company’s DICOR engine, which is known as 1.05 DICOR. Furthermore, Tata Motors has made some changes to enhance the fuel efficiency of the engine and thats why they use the electric power source that has a 45KW electric traction motor. The backup will be take from the costly Li-Ion batteries. The technology of the solar panel on the roof will be use to charge to the Li-Ion batteries.  

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