Monday, January 30, 2012

Ford EcoSport SUV to be longer than four meter

Speculations are not meant to be believed, and same is proved now in Ford’s case. Yes the auto group has declined the fact that its upcoming car Ford EcoSport SUV is a  compact SUV. As all believed that all new Ford EcoSport is upcoming compact SUV, but it is not true, as this car is full grown SUV measuring 4.25 m length, however the engine specification stating of 1.0 L EcoBoost  and a 1.5 L Ford Fiesta diesel engine is true as what we heard. Well this time people missed chance of riding Compact SUV, but it seems the auto group is surely going to fulfill its promise of introducing Compact SUV.

As it is quite clear now that big SUV is coming our way, but Ford EcoSport price is still happy thing to have, as price is tagged in range of Rs 7-9 lakh. This cost cutting is hoped to be settled down with the localized production of the car. The much awaited Ford Eco Sport created lot of buzz in the market because of its compact size along with awesome features.  Ford EcoSport pictures are quite fascinating.The car was said to be based on Fiesta Platform, but all what the company gave is altogether different. Well Ford Eco Sport is doing very well in Brazilian market since last 9 years and has been earning huge sale due to its unique body style and specious interiors. But the reason why the company has come with existing model despite of its promise to bring in chopped model is explained by Ford's president for Asia Pacific and Africa, Joe Henerichs.

Actually the denial was because of company’s expectations are moving in some other direction, as it wanted to create an aura around Ford Eco Sport with its unmatched looks and features before it comes up compact version in coming time. As Ford Fiesta has never been so successful in India, so there is no hope to come with same Fiesta platform , only the length trimming will be down in order to avail government benefits on under four meter length vehicle. Well if someone want to ride Fiesta platform based car, then not to worry, as a small car launch on cards whose Skelton was displayed at Auto Expo.

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