Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fluence diesel gets new features

Amending the typical and traditional moves by car artisans working elbow grease to assault the general car market, Renault India came up with something au-courant and vivid. Rising from the ashes, Renault Fluence Diesel sedan adds all highlighting aspects which were dearth by their previous diesel variant. Appending to the glory of the brand-new diesel divergent, a cattle call features had been introduced which even includes the must-have trait in all the hottest up market sedans - The dual zone automatic climate control and in addition to that, the cruise control which is one out of the most sophisticated safety measure. Automatic light sensing headlamps and rain sensing wipers contributes to its grandeur.

The enthralling butterscotch accents in the interiors add to that flock of people having the weakness of some particular shades. If one plans to stick to rumors, then it is to be believed that a big clutch of Indian car lovers would opt for beige. All such about-face transformations account to the cause for a sudden raise of 1.4 lakh. Now this tells us that Renault Fluence Diesel is sold almost at the same price of its petrol variant so that the Renault Fluence Price ic comes to 14.5 lakh. Considering the demand for Diesel based cars in India, Renault has vowed to compromise on certain features in the diesel divergent to promote the Renault Fluence Diesel economically.

Unfortunately, what Renault wanted to make a huge hit did not take the path they expected. But now, Renault Fluence Diesel is a proud piece for a car-lover to have all the features of a petrol machine, without much variation in the estimated cost. As the mission is on, it is expected to fetch a high yield since it gives no chance for the patrons to complain. 1.5 diesel power train remains to boost the sedan with 105 Bhp and 240 Nm peak power and torque, which is the same as before.

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