Friday, November 18, 2011

Tata Motors to launch revamped Tata Nano in the month of november.

The world top car manufacturer Tata Motors is planning to launch an upgraded Tata Nano for the Indian car buyers. The all new Tata Nano is all set to launch in the end of November, 2011. The new Tata Nano comes with some major up gradation to the exteriors and the interiors to increase the market sales of Tata motors. The new modified Tata Nano is equipped with a powerful engine which is capable of producing a 10 percent additional power than the previous small car.The exact launch date is yet under covers but it is speculated to be launched in the end of November. Tata Nano price in India for the revamped model is yet to be announced by the company.

The new Tata Nano will come with a 3 cylinder engine with 900 cc displacement instead of the previous model 2 cylinder engine with 624 cc displacement. The Tata motors are working hard to modify the drawbacks of the previous model. The new car comes with the driver side rear view mirror and the exposed engine in the back end of the car which are absent in the previous model. The new Tata Nano comes with an extended rear bumper which meets the customers need. The car also comes with cosmetic upgrades to the interiors as it adorns a refreshed high quality fabric and beige colored dash board which makes the customers to feel more comfort and class.

The new Tata Nano look stylish with the new floor mats and the new high quality headrests to the front seats are also placed in the car. The refreshed new Tata Nano will be available in three color combinations of pearl white, Orange and Green. The new Tata Nano may come with an external mirror on the passenger side and the driver side ORVM which is yet to confirmed. It is expected that the new Tata Nano will come with lots of modificationsin comparison to the previous model to get a good feedback from the customers. The Tata motors expectations are high on the small car with a major upgrade to the previous model.

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