Monday, November 14, 2011

2012 Honda CR-V more information revealed

The Honda’s  most awaited car is coming next year 2012 and will make to Los Angeles Auto show this year and it has promised that car will make entry as they have planned before. The floods in country Thailand have created doubts over its introduction in the country. The Honda company leading its car Honda CR-V has told the reporters that the car will arrive on time without any delay.So,if you are staying In USA then it is a breaking news for you as it will be launched in America first.

The company has said that they invited selected reporters for media meet in Detroit, USA and the invitees were obliged to get a gaze of the new dashing car. The car has been grown in size and looks like a better SUV now as compared to earlier versions available in market. The swollen wheel arches and defined lines along the sides gives a male look and the overall designing Honda CR-V Features look more pronounced which will make the car more popular among Indian people. The front part of the SUV depicts the concept which was reported by Honda earlier. The Honda CR-V Price will be around 12 Lakhs in US market and between 15-16 Lacs in India with diesel version.

The interior is well built and decent amount of plastic has been used. The dashboard is suitable to the car but doesn’t gives a fleshy and very hip hop look like previous generation civic does as indicated by Honda CR-V Pictures. There are two display screens and one has been made for stereo system inbuilt. The steering wheel has control of basic on board functions including volume, menu navigation and control of voice. The buttons are neatly placed in less number. As per Honda CR-V Review the car can do very well in India under diesel engine and is assumed to be very exciting SUV for SUV lovers.

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