Thursday, December 26, 2013

When you buy a brand new Windows PC it delivers excellent speed and performance but after sometime you start facing problems such as slow performance, crashing and freezing of the system, slow loading of the applications, slow start and shutdown of the system, and so on.
So, the solution, Change the PC!!! no, no, you don’t have to that. Please understand that these problems occur due to congested Windows registry entries, memory consumption and usage, and outdated device drivers among other things.

I also faced the same problem so I searched the internet for solution and found, WinZip System Utility Suite. I downloaded the suite and it helped me a lot to speed up my PC.

WinZip System utility Suite consists of many tools which are Registry Optimizers, Disk Cleaners and Optimizers, Windows Optimizers, Security and Privacy Tools, Backup and Recovery Tools, Common Problem Fixers, Regular Maintenance Tools, Smart PC Care.

The registry of Windows operating system stores all the information related to hardware and software installation and removal. With time Windows Registry gets congested and results in slow performance of your system. There are many symptoms that show that the Windows Registry is not working properly and is congested. Some of these are slow performance, taking long time to startup, crashing without reason, getting Windows errors regularly, slow loading and opening of applications, and freezing of the system.

To fix this WinZip Registry Optimizer includes Registry Cleaner which cleans up the Windows registry automatically by scanning and removing the unnecessary registry entries, minimizing issues during the installation of new software, and reducing the data corruption in case of conflicting registry entries.
Along with this, the Registry Booster present in the kit repairs, reorganizes, and optimizes Windows registry entries by automatically cleaning the Windows registry based on valid registry entries, removes deleted registry entries, gaps, and fragmentation.

After a long use the hard drive of the system collects junk data and obsolete information in absence of regular maintenance. So the hard drive can become full leading to slow performance of your system and crashing of your system. Disk Cleaners and Optimizers remove junk data, defrag the hard drive, and check the hard drive for disk errors.

Another thing that may affect the Window PC performance is the PC drivers. If you are wondering what are they then I will just update you that your computer uses various kinds of hardware devices and each works through a PC device driver. With time these PC Drivers get bugged or outdated and have to be updated in order to remove the known bugs or improve the performance.

It is difficult to keep a track of the new drivers and to upgrade them. WinZip Utility Suite provides a tool called WinZip Driver Updater which helps to update driver quickly and easily. So, you will be relieved from the issues of searching an updated driver or installation of wrong driver.

Besides this there are also tools like Security and Privacy tools, Backup and Recovery, Common Problem Fixers, Regular Maintenance Tools that protect, clean and improve the performance of your PC.

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