Monday, October 10, 2011

Mercedes Benz R-Class diesel variant to launch in 2012

Mercedes-Benz has been associated with India for more than 50 years. Presently, Mercedes-Benz India’s engagement in India covers several domains like, Local production of Mercedes-Benz cars, making available imported Mercedes-Benz cars, Commercial Vehicle operations, Global sourcing of auto components, Captive automotive technology research and development. Mercedes Benz India is now geared up to bring in the Mercedes Benz R-Class powered with diesel engine in India by the year 2012. The new Mercedes Benz R Class Review will be much awaited then. The new Mercedes Benz R-Class will have a shorter wheelbase. At present, the latest model, which churns out 272 bhp of power by 3.5 litre of V6 petrol engine, has a longer wheel base. The main aim of Mercedes Benz India, behind the shorter wheel base with diesel engine is to attain practicality to often traveling consumers with boosted savings.

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Having said that, one can perceptibly imagine that the sales of Mercedes Benz will not improve by multifold, but in such a competitive environment, each and every unit and at the same time, each and every consumers counts as well. The Mercedes Benz R Class Price has not been disclosed yet. Audi and BMW, the other 2 German car makers, do not offer any large MPV, which are more often than not, preferred by distance travellers. For that reason, Mercedes Benz without doubt has an open business opportunity.

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The equanimity of Mercedes Benz R-Class MPV will be purely remarkable and is beyond Toyota Innova. Mercedes Benz R Class Diesel variant will attract deluxe hotels, who would love to tag on this stylish and chic 7 seater van into their collection. On a lighter note, the Mercedes Benz R-Class diesel could also be used by famous musical band, which would in turn show that it has a huge capacity to adjust 7 adults easily. Furthermore, Mercedes Benz R-Class diesel will have massive luggage compartment and rich info system. The engine would be another major highlight of Mercedes Benz R-Class diesel.

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