Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Honda to launch Brio hatchback on Spetember 27

Honda Brio will be the next car in the hatchback segment from the leading Japanese car manufacturing company Honda Motors in Indian car market. It is expected that Honda Motors is speculating to launch Honda Brio on September 27th, 2011. The reason for delay in launch of Honda Brio is due to sticky competition existing in the hatchback segment of cars in Indian car market due to which Honda is hesitating to decide the suitable price for Honda Brio. There are reports that Honda Motors anticipates the Honda Brio Price to be within the reach of the customers and therefore it is trying to maintain the Honda Brio Price to be Rs 5 lakh. However considering the integration of safety measures introduced in cars now a days there are speculations that Honda may launch the introducing variant of Brio in the beginning which can be later altered with necessary safety measures.

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Honda Brio Review as referred by various authentic sources suggests that Brio small car being the fuel economic car may not carry some of the requisite safety measures due to high cost of proeuction. However the situations prevailing in the Indian car market may inspire Honda Motors to compromise with the safety measures to be introduced in Brio small car. Prior to this also company had reduced the prices of its cars like Honda Jazz in the hatchback segment and its highly acclaimed car in sedan segment, Honda city to Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs 66,000 respectively as an impact of cut throat competition in the market.

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While discussing the Honda Brio review it would be worthful to mention here that cars manufactured by Japanese leading car manufacturing company Honda Motors are equipped with latest safety and technical standards like airbags, ABS and G-Con body cage that protects the passengers during the major accidents supported anti lock break systems. Although nothing much is yet revealed about the features of Brio including its price and safety measures as the final curtain regarding all these facts will be raised on September 27, 2011. But according to Mr. M. Takedagawa, as far as introduction of safety measures in Honda cars is concerned Honda Motors do not make any kind of compromises.

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