Thursday, August 11, 2011

Toyota launched its new Innova limited edition

The new Toyota Innova limited edition car is a premium quality exclusive car and debuts as Innova Crysta. The people are already familiar with the luxury, style and panache of original Toyota Innova and would also fall in love with its limited edition model very soon. The Innova Crysta has already launched to take the Indian car market in its sheer awe.

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Toyota Kirloskar Motors India Pvt. Ltd. (TMK) has chosen an apt name for this premium vehicle. It derives its name “Toyota Crysta” from the word “Crystal” and it also truly describes it. It is designed in a soothing super white body color and shall come out with the existing VX grade 2.5 L diesel variants. It is spacious (just as its inspiration, the original Toyota Innova) but has packaged a set of truly endearing features inside which are even better. It has smoked alloy wheels, dual tone leather seat covers, dark wood panel and beige colored floor mats. It has cool body graphics as well to woo its prospective buyers.

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On carefully going through the Innova review or rather Toyota Innova review, we come across many similarities but on the same time the limited edition car is truly distinguishable from Innova. On the outside, it has a sporty look and its interior has a perfect and classy finish. For instance, its rear roof spoiler is absolutely stylish and classy giving its rear portion design a distinct classy touch. The muffler cutter is chrome plated and is no less classy. The alloy wheels and body graphics makes it look like a cool sporty car.

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But the fact is that it is going to be a family choice. Considering the success of Toyota Innova in India, which was undoubtedly huge, it is certain that people would also vouch for its limited edition, Toyota Innova Crysta, without even thinking once of Toyota Innova Price.Toyota Innova Crysta will be on sale till October 21st 2011 and it shall cost somewhere around Rs.13,12,570 lakhs. This multi-pleasure vehicle will give each of its proud owners a unique and special ownership experience never experienced before.

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