Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tata Safari Merlin expected to launch in September

The Indian car market is droning with sounds of many car launches in this month, while few of them are scheduled to launch during the next month as well. In this pipeline, Force Motors has launched its SUV christened Force One in the recent past, followed by the Mahindra W201 World SUV. After this the new Tata Safari Merlin is the next in the stack to launch. It is expected that Tata Motors will launch this SUV in the month of September. However, the company is looking to cave in the Safari out of the name to differentiate between the two SUV's. As though the new Tata Merlin is likely to be an modified version of the Tata Safari. It is expected that Tata Merlin price will be tagged slightly above Rs 10 lakh.

Tata Safari Merlin

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As for new Tata Merlin specifications, it is speculated that the new SUV will have the similar features as of Land Rover models along with flared head lamps and flatter front end. On comparing both Tata Safari and new Tata Merlin features, it is expected that the new SUV posses a newly designed exterior with the Wheel affixed in the boot. When it come to the technicalities part the new Tata Safari Merlin SUV will come powered with a 2.2 liter turbo DiCOR diesel engine which has the capacity to churn out the maximum power of 140 bhp and peak torque of 320 Nm.

Tata New Safari

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Talking about the interiors of the Tata Merlin, the SUV will ape the looks of Tata Aria crossover which is believed to set a new class of comfort in SUV segment. In addition to this the new Tata Merlin SUV is likely to come loaded with many safety features like ABS, EBS and Airbags. With these high end features it is believed that Tata Motors is looking to launch this new SUV to provide the tough competition to Mahindra W201 World SUV.

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