Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Volkswagen Jetta coming tomorrow

The German automaker Volkswagen is again on a process of launch of its new car, Volkswagen Jetta, tomorrow that is August 17, 2011in Mumbai. Sources say that new Volkswagen Jetta price has not been revealed yet. It will be revealed at the time of its launch. The automobiles that are going to compete with Volkswagen Jetta are Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Cruize, and Skoda Laura. The competitors are worried as Volkswagen has not yet revealed the price of new Volkswagen Jetta.

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The new Volkswagen Jetta specs reveal that the car will have two variations. The low cost variant will have slightly inferior designs and will be launched in American car market. The high cost luxurious variant is going to be launched in European and Indian car markets.The other specifications of the car include a 2 litre 4 cylinder common rail diesel engine which will generate the power of 140 PS. The engine will be same as previous version but its performance will be better. It will contain manual gearbox with 6 speed options. It will also contain AC vents, with climate control feature, a mobile device interface with iPod/iPhone adapter cable, front side and rear side air bags and many other features.

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The Volkswagen Jetta will be launched in both petrol and diesel variants. The seating capacity will be five passengers. The steering will be tilted and brakes will be front disk and rear disk. The gearbox will have six manual options. The new Volkswagen Jetta price is not yet revealed and it is the main concern for the competitors. Great speculations are being made for the price which will be revealed at the time of the launch of new Volkswagen Jetta. The German automaker has given a huge discount of Rs. 75000 to clear the stock of the current model and make way for the sales of the new version of new Volkswagen Jetta. Maruti India is also going to launch the new Maruti Swift, a new version of the current model which may have a great competition with Volkswagen Jetta.

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