Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maruti Suzuki engineer to grow Maruti 800cc car in India

The managing executive officer (engineering) mentioned that Maruti Suzuki India is viciously working on an all-new car, as Maruti's engineers get on working on an self-governing full-model change capability, something not practiced previously. Rao declined to discuss about the price of the new car and told the plan was to manufacture a car that would co-exist with the Alto, the country's largest-selling car with monthly amount averaging over 30K units. Rao put down various methods that the new car would be a advanced, fresh model to restore the M800 model that has already made its destination out of 13 top metro cities and will be phased out steadily from the rest of the country in the coming future.

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The executive officer also said that this will be an all-new car, though based on the present platform. The scheme is to do it home at Maruti India, with least support from the Japanese parent, Suzuki. Maruti engineers have worked on some of the existing versions earlier and have also assisted Suzuki during the growth of some global car models like for instance the Swift and the A-Star. The new 800cc car will be preordained principally for the Indian car market and this particular idea behind the model was to keep on introducing new models while also mounting the company's R and D capacity to develop, structure and wangle their own model.

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Maruti India also wants to fill the space created by the phase-out of the M800. Maruti 800 ccmay also survive with the Alto and the firm desire to have a two-model idea at the way in-end of the market, like they have on the upper sectors where the company have a multi-model appeal with cars Ritz, Swift and WagonR leaning around the same price tag.

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