Thursday, July 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy 3D launch by this September

One of the leading phone company's of the world, Samsung is now going to launch its 3D phone in the market, it is said that this new 3D phone will be launched in the Galaxy series only and the users of Samsung has already given it the tag of the “Greatest Phone Ever”. Basically the company had done nothing to make the phone so special it has just make the phone with the 3D technology, which is the greatest demand at present, and we all can see that these days all things like monitors, TV, gaming consoles, Laptop all are coming in 3D, and it is also believed that this new 3D phone will be the Samsung Galaxy S II coming again in the market with the additional feature of 3D. Presently there is no information about Samsung Galaxy 3D price it will be revealed on the launch of the phone only.

If we are going to believe the Korean website then Samsung Galaxy 3D Features are 4.3 inch LCD touch screen and a dual 8MP camera. An HD TV offers to capture the 3D content directly to the 3D compatible TV. It is expected that this feature is going to be available in Samsung Galaxy 3D also and according to the Samsung Galaxy 3D reviews it is said that the Samsung Galaxy 3D will be working on the Android 2.3 operating software and will also be having 1.2 GHz dual core Exynos Processor.

This phone is being manufactured to compete directly against the different 3D phones which are available in market in the present times like LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D. It is said that this phone will be launched in the last week of September and if this phone is launched in that time then there will be a good competition to be seen in the market between Samsung Galaxy 3D and the upcoming iPhone because the time set for the release of the next iPhone is also the fourth quarter of this year.

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