Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mahindra Xylo Mini

According to the recent reports from the automobile giant, Mahindra Xylo Mini is expected to launch this year. This car is specifically designed to fit the Mini SUV segment which is still in its nascent stage. Mahindra Xylo Mini Price is speculated to be ranged within (5-6) lakhs. This car provides a wholesome package for the consumers who are looking for affordability, comfort and also off track road ventures. It’s also expected to feature equally powerful, robust and sturdy specifications as the earlier varient “Mahindra Xylo” which got launched in the SUV segment. Mahindra Xylo Mini See More Mahindra Xylo Mini Pictures Read More on Mahindra Xylo Mini The steep Rise of fuel price has surely hit the car makers as consumers are focusing their interest more on fuel efficient cars. Xylo mini is expected to give a mileage of 10 within city and 15 or more in the highways which gives a tough competition to the other cars within the segment. Xylo Mini price has restrained inclusion of a few high end features of the parent varient. The standard features which is expected in this varient are airbags, wheel locking when instant brakes applied, seat belt warning, adjustable drivers seat and also powerful fog lamps. Futher Adding to the list luxury features expected are foldable seats thats can be stretched as and when needed , varient body colours, Air condition without the climate control facility ,cooling vent available for the rear passengers, central locking, Remote fuel filler, Power windows and finally a music system. Xylo Mini is aggressively designed. It’s speculated that this version will come with alloy wheels to give a tougher and stronger look and also fitted with puncture resistant tubeless tyres. The car overall displays excellent features of safety, power, appearance as well as fuel efficiency. Mahindra Xylo Mini India has well forecasted the Indian market by plunging in the Mini SUV segment much ahead to other auto giants like Maruti, Hyundai or Tata. It’s also heard that all the major Automobile giants Indian or global are actually trying to target this particular segment in near future. But for now it’s solely Mahindra Mini Xylo who is ready to pitch and rule.

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