Saturday, June 4, 2011

Toyota Etios Liva expected to be launched on June 27

Toyota Etios Liva is a brand new car from the Toyota Company which is going to be launched on 27th June in the Indian automobile market. The company has designed this car with maximum precision. The comfort level of the car is simply superb. The Toyota Etios Liva is expected to get good response from the Indian auto market. There are various other cars of the same price segment that the car is going to compete with. The Toyota Etios Liva will be launched initially with petrol version. The Toyota Etios Liva will be launched with 1.2 liter petrol version. The Toyota Etios Liva price in India will start from Rs 4Lakhs and the price will vary depending on the versions of the car. The Toyota Etios Liva is a superb luxurious car that is designed by keeping the Indian roads on eye. Toyota Etios Liva There are lots of features and specifications of the car. The outer lining and the curves of the car are simply superb. The car is expected to come in good colors. The headlamp and the tail lamp are of good quality and thus the lights can focus properly on the Indian roads. The interior of the car is also superb. Safety of the riders is ensured inside the car. The seat arrangement of the car is superb and seat belts ensure maximum safety. Power steering of the car makes a different experience while riding the car. Toyota Etios Liva Various options are present on the car dashboard. The engine of the Toyota Etios Liva is capable of providing 80BHP. The car is also expected to be launched in various other versions in future. There are various other automobile manufacturers which are launching their cars in the same price segment. The new Maruti Swift , Volkswagen Polo are the cars that are in the same price segment and thus there will be a good competition among the cars. Another upcoming car Honda Brio expected somewhere near Diwali is seen as the close contender of Toyota Etios Liva.


Toyota etios liva details said...

Toyota has launched the much awaited Etios Liva hatchback has been launched in India. The price for the Toyota Etios Liva hatchback starts at Rs. 3.99 lakh for the base model and Rs. 5.99 lakh for the top end model.

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This is really splendid model by Toyota it come in pocket from Rs. 401,565* To Rs. 602,851* in India.