Monday, June 13, 2011

New Mahindra Stallio coming soon

With selling maximum number of bikes in the Indian auto market, the Mahindra has entered in this market with Rodeo, Duro, Flyte and Kine two wheelers models in the market. The four wheelers from the particular company have gained much response that is extra ordinary. The most popular model from this company Mahindra Duro is getting good response. The Mahindra Stallio which is already launched has some bad impression from the Indian market so the company relaunches this model with some new features and technology. The new Mahindra Stallio price in India is Rs. 47,980/-* and it may be gone up as depending on India state RTO rules.

The Mahindra Stallio features and Mahindra Stallio specifications are very nice and Kind. The bike is having 4 strokes Air cooling engine. The bike is having Electronic and Kick start option. The engine is displacement 106.7cc of power. The maximum power of 7.3PS at the rate of 7500 rpm and maximum Torque of 8Nm at the rate of 5500 rpm are providing by this bike. The engine has 4 gears constant mesh gearbox. The steel double tubular cradle frame of this bike is having Indian sporty bike looks. The Telescopic front suspension and coiled 5 step adjustable rear suspensions are present good safety and nice control. The front and rear braking systems are having 130mm drum option. The headlamp is providing 12v-35W/35W halogen multi reflector bulb which is providing excellent brightness in the night vision. The fuel tank is having 13.7 liters fuel storage capacity. The bike is having 2000mm length, 720mm width and 1050mm height. The alloys wheels are have 1265mm wheelbase. The bike is having minimum 165mm ground clearance. The 2.75x18 inch front tyre and 3.0x18 inch rears tyre are providing nice control.

The renew Mahindra Stallio is having nice economic fuel consumption system which will be popular this bike is Indian market.

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