Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maxx launching soon Vista Flipout mobile

The Maxx another Indian home based mobile manufacturing company is going to plan launch a new Maxx mobile in India. The MAXX Vista MS502 will come soon for daring and beautiful working ladies who like to work a social woman. The MAXX Vista MS502 price in India is just Rs. 4,200/-. Maxx mobiles are having good reputation in India. MAXX Vista MS502 The MAXX Vista MS502 features are really compared to Indian beautiful working women. The handset is slider QWERTY keypad model. The mobile is social networking mobile phone. The handset is inbuilt with dedicate music player and Face Book keys. FM radio and MP3 music player and MP4 video players are presenting excellent music and video entertainment service. The model is having dual GSM SIM frequencies. The mobile has 3.5mm standard audio jack. The handset comes with three striking colors like Pink, Orange and Blue. MAXX Vista MS502 The MAXX Vista MS502 specifications are outstanding. The mobile is enabled with TFT display screen. The MAXX Vista is java endowed mobile and it has Opera mini internet browser. The handset has dual SIM frequencies at GSM 900/1800 MHz. The model is enabled with optical track pad for easy navigation. Dedicated Face-Book key and Music key are providing one touch connectivity. The new MAXX Vista mobile has 3.2 megapixels powerful camera with digital zoom option for catch best qualities pictures. Bluetooth connectivity is well endowed in this handset. FM radio with scheduled FM recording service is also available. The multiple formats supports video and audio players are providing superb enjoyment. MySync PC suite service is well enabled. The standard 1000 mAh capacity battery of the mobile is providing up to 4 hours talk time service. The handset comes with Micro SD memory card with 8BG data storage capacity. USB mass connectivity of the mobile is providing faster and better data transfer service. Buy Dell Streak , Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab , Buy Spice Popkorn M9000

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