Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Government eyes diesel cars in India

India is becoming a global market for all the companies. All the companies all over the world are planning to launch its various models in different segment in to the Indian market. Government of India has to check the diesel cars in India are they are in the government standards. The Indian oil corporations are getting a loss of Rs. 18 per liter on diesel. The government wants to make a survey on the usage of diesel for the car segment based on one year. All is set to get that reports for each quarter through out the year.

The SUVs in India companies are also making sales on the festive seasons and the non fluctuations on the prices of the fuel. Many companies are postponed the launch of its various models of petrol variant to the next months. Some of the companies are proponed its diesel variants because of the price on the diesel. Now every companies are entering in to the small car segment with high fuel efficiency cars are ready to hit the Indian roads. The Indian customers will surely get good benefit if the government kept some interest on the car segment and the SUV government will also get some income with these industries.

Indian Oil Corporation announced like according policy some petrol filling stations are only filling diesel to the cars. If the government find out like these fuel bunks and has to increase the diesel prices on these stations then the loss per liter on the diesel will cover some how. The corporation also suggested that the government has to take some straight decisions and to stop block market which is using for various purposes. If the Indian oil corporation instructions are implemented then the corporation will get some benefit on the loss of the diesel.

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