Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ford India unveils new Fiesta

Ford is a well known automobile manufacturing company which has launched many superb car models in the Indian automobile market. The Ford India has launched many good cars in India. The Ford Fiesta is the new car from the company which is ready to be launched in the Indian market. The car is well endowed with latest technology of the industry. The company has also launched many sedan cars in the Indian mobile market. The Ford Fiesta is a superb creation of the company and is expected to get good response from the Indian customers.

The Ford Fiesta features and specifications are really superb. There is large number of latest technology that is embedded in the car. The automobile manufacturing company has well integrated the car with good look and design. The car is a perfect combination of technology and performance. The car is provided with a luxurious look. The outer lining of the car provides a better and unique look. The car will be coming in two engine options and they are 1.5 litre petrol and diesel version. The 1.5 litre petrol version of the car can pump out a maximum power of 106.5 Bhp and the maximum torque that can be produced by the engine is 14.3 kgm. The 1.5 litre version of the engine can produce a maximum power of 90 bhp and the torque that the engine can produce is 20.7 kgm. The engines of the car are new and are unique in the market. The petrol version of the car can provide an efficiency of 17kpl and the diesel version of the car can provide an efficiency of 23.5 kpl. The electric power steering set up provides a unique experience to the riders. Good suspension system is also present in the car and thus which enhances the comfort level of the riders.

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