Friday, May 6, 2011

Suzuki Skydrive to hit Indian roads very soon

Suzuki is one of the best bike company in the world. Suzuki got great success on its bikes Suzuki Slingshot and Suzuki Access. These are liked by all. In its next step Suzuki is going to launch new scooter Suzuki Skydrive. It will hit the Indian road very soon. Suzuki is launching Suzuki Skydrive in India. This scooter have many features like, attractive head and rear lights. It have aerodynamic shape, which makes its look very impressive and sporty. Suzuki Skydrive is good fuel efficient scooter for India, it give 45 kmpl in city and 47 kmpl on highway. Suzuki Skydrive has 124 cc engine, and this 124 cc motor is expected to be launched with fuel injection system, this will make its performance good and make it good performer. The engine Suzuki Skydrive consist Mikuni BS 26 carburetor, and CVT clutch technology which made this scooter more efficient. Suzuki Skydrive price in India will be 45,000 rupees. Suzuki Skydrive is next step is to change the definition of scooter on roads of India. This is a rough look about the upcoming Suzuki step-through Skydrive. This is an idle scooter, it have proved itself in many countries now it will prove itself in India.
Suzuki Skydrive
Suzuki Skydrive have good and improved telescopic suspension in the front and swing arm suspension at rear side, which is good for roads of India and gives us little shock. Suzuki Skysdrive catches speed of 60 in 9 seconds, and 80 km is top speed of Suzuki Skydrive. The good acceleration, better pick up and quicker race surely impress its audience in very first test ride. The wheel base of Suzuki Skydrive is accepted to have 1265 mm, and improved wheel base which can handel spikes. One of the Suzuki Skydrive features is NVH (noise, voice and harshness). We can judge this scooter with Suzuki Skydrive pictures. In the pictures we find that it is very impressive in look. It will hit roads of India with many goodies in the comfort zone.

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