Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maruti ponders CNG variants across all models

Changing the business operating strategy according to the trend is the pre requisite for the success of any business and it seems this is the main secret behind remarkable success of the legendary car manufacturing company Maruti. It is because of this Maruti has now decided to launch all the variants of its Cars in both Petrol and CNG enabled models. At present Maruti has installed CNG engines in its five models, i.e., Maruti Alto, Maruti Wagon R, Maruti Eeco, Maruti SX4 and Maruti Estilo Cars.
Maruti Wagon RIn the words of Mr. Mr. Alok Jaitley, General Manager, Homologation Environment Planning Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Maruti is speculating intensively on introducing CNG engines in all its models. The main reason speculated behind this strategy is due to changing Petroleum policy of the country which has enabled the Petroleum agencies to decide the prices of Petroleum compatible to the world market. As the result of hike in petroleum prices at regular intervals by the petroleum agencies the customers using Cars for their daily travel have started rethinking about their driving habits and are looking for the suitable travel options that suits to their pocket and status.
Maruti Eeco Speculating mainly on this thinking of the customers Maruti is going to install CNG kits in all its upcoming models except the CBU variant from Maruti. There are reports that in the beginning the models of Maruti CNG Cars will be launched in the areas where there is adequate supply of CNG, these areas include the areas within the geographical boundaries of the states like Delhi NCR, Maharashtra and Gujarat. As in these areas the supply is quite efficient as compared to other regions of the country. With this to cope with the situation of shortage in CNG supply in other parts of the country Maruti is concentrating seriously to develop its network in the remaining parts of the country.
Maruti SX4 Once the CNG kit is installed in other variants of Maruti it is quite sure it will bring boom in the sales of legendary car manufacturing company Marut as driving the CNG car is regarded as the best option of fuel economy.

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