Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skoda to bring Rapid to India soon by 2012

One of the best German automobile manufacturer company is Skoda. Skoda has been launching good ranges of automobiles in the international market ad got good responses from them. The company has launched many cars in the Indian auto market that were successful. The future planning of the company includes launching of a new car in the Indian auto market and that is Skoda Rapid. The Skoda Rapid is supposed to be launched on 2012 in the Indian market. The Skoda Rapid will be available in two variants. The Skoda Rapid price of the petrol version will be around Rs. 7 lakh and Rs. 8 lakh for the diesel version.
Skoda Rapid The features of the Skoda Rapid are extra ordinary. The car is provided with good interior as well as exterior design. The outer glossy look of the car will make the Indian car lovers go mad about the car. The body design and posture is simply outstanding. The sleek design of the car is provided with many colors. Interior of the car is provided with good and comfortable seats for the riders. The car is provided with power steering and the rider will soon enjoy the riding experience of the car. The dashboard of the car is full of options. The gear arrangement of the car is on proper location and thus the rider can easily operate the car.
The Skoda Rapid is operated with an 1174cc engine. There are total 8 valves in total and the maximum power that is generated by the car is 58 Bhp at the rate of 5200rpm. The maximum torque that is produced by the car is around 90Nm at the rate of 3500rpm. The top speed that the powerful engine of the car can reach is 153 KM/hr. the engine is present in the rear part of the car and the suspension system of the car is of good quality. The riders will not experience any sort of jerk on the bumpy Indian roads. The car also provides a better mileage for the diesel as well as petrol version. The car is available in two fuel variants petrol and diesel. Both the variants will be providing good performance and power. The Skoda Rapid reviews are already out in the market and are available on the internet. There are a large number of fans following this particular car and are eagerly waiting for the exact date of launch of the Skoda Rapid.

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Skoda Bring Rapid Coming Soon in india i really enjoy it....

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