Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nokia N950 Available Soon In India

Nokia has launched a new mobile called Nokia N950 and also its kind of bar phone. Nokia N950 works under frequencies of GSM 850-900-1800-1900MHz. It is 4 inches long and has a full touch screen. It also has an whooping 8.0 mega pixel camera featuring flash, auto focus and digital zoom kind of features. Nokia N950 As we know manufacturer for this model is Nokia which is among the top companies in world Nokia N950 has internal memory up to 16-32 GB and no external memory available.Nokia N950 Specifications can be considered as follows. Nokia N950 has an option of GSM 850-900-1800-1900 MHZ operating frequency. Nokia N950 has capacitive touch screen with applications like push mail. Nokia N950 Nokia N950 also has an option of video recording and video playing with multi format with Bluetooth option for file transfers. It also has an option of multi format music player. Nokia N950 has speaker and head set to give you that smooth sound quality. Nokia N950 has GPRS option with wireless protocol and mini USB cable. Nokia N950 Features are really worth paying for. Nokia N950 mobile has very good battery backup. Definitely people will love this. There is chat option available in Nokia N950. You can use the OVI feature too in this mobile. Nokia N950 Price In India is yet to be announced by the company. Nokia N950 definitely will hit the Indian market. Nokia N950 Pictures are available online now for public purpose. The phone has good looks with dashing features which can prove tough competition for its neighboring brands. Nokia N950 It has a bunch of new technologies which you will really feel worth paying. You can also send emails from this mobile, you can also browse internet from this mobile. You can down load videos and music from this mobile. And also you can down load games and pictures. In Nokia N950 you can see movies also. It also reviews upcoming cinemas. Watching movies on your Nokia N950 will give you a different experience for sure. Nokia N950 comes with an extra long life battery. And as it is Nokia so don’t worry about the battery backup at least. Its battery backup is amazing. You can speak over this phone for around 12 hours. Nokia N950 Reviews if we consider then we must say it’s a string phone as market experts take it as an strong device for its competitors.

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Great news but you misspelled word Nokia. You probably mean Mokia or Nokian.