Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Bajaj Boxer Confirm To Launch In July 2011

Bajaj Auto a name which does not require any introduction in the world of two wheelers. From the years company has been occupying a huge share globally in the two wheeler market. Bajaj boxer Bike in India: According to official sources of Bajaj Auto, company is going to re-introduce its most prestigious bike Bajaj Boxer in India this year during the month after the company had declared its re-launch couple of months back. Prior to this Bajaj Boxer was introduced into the global market in the year 1997 and with its launch it brought a boom in the bike market because of its performance and reliability of Bajaj’s brand behind its name. But due to some unavoidable circumstances company had to stop its production. Bajaj Boxer Bajaj Boxer Specifications: There are various specifications to discuss while speaking about Bajaj Boxer Specifications. The new Bajaj Boxer is upgraded with 125cc engine, the same engine as installed in Bajaj XCD supported by four speed gear box. With this major specification about Bajaj Boxer Specifications is its rate of fuel economy. The new Bajaj Boxer is assumed to give an average of 70 kmpl while riding in the city areas whereas if ridded on highway it will give an average of 80 kmpl. Thus, discussing the Bajaj Boxer Specifications it can be said that the new bike is all set to compete with the bikes of 125cc engine already available in market mainly to Hero Honda Super Splendor, Honda Shine, Yamaha YBR 125 and Suzuki Slingshot. Bajaj Boxer Bajaj Boxer Price in India as declared by the company will be Rs. 44,700/- only. As compared to other bikes in Indian market the Bajaj Boxer Price in India are quite affordable by the middle class community dreaming to buy a durable and economical bike. Bajaj Boxer Review: If discussed about Bajaj Boxer Review, it can be said that the earlier Bajaj Boxer was appreciated because its fuel economy and less expenses on maintaining. Therefore on the basis of reviews received about Bajaj Boxer Review it can be said that the new Bajaj Boxer will be introduced with additional upgraded technical features making the new bike more economic, reliable and durable. Bajaj Boxer Review indicates that the new Bajaj Boxer is expected to provide an average of 70 kms per litre if it is ridded under standard conditions. Apart from this Bajaj Boxer Review also states that the new bike is designed with sporty look having big tank for fuel filling. With this the wheels are supported by alloy and broad wheelbase. The new bike can be started with both kick and self start facility, thus making an easy start of bike. On the basis of Bajaj Expert Review it can be said that the new Bajaj Boxer will repeat the same history of success as it had created in 1997. Let’s welcome back to Bajaj Boxer with same cheer and joy!

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There are a variety of bikes in the market.Bajaj though is trusted name for it's quality and durability.