Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hero Honda Splendor and Passion to come with Hero sticker

Hero Honda is the world largest bike manufactures in the world. The hero Honda Company went separate a few weeks back. The Honda was a Japanese company and the Hero was an Indian company. Hero Honda was a joint venture of the both companies. The Munjals’s operated Hero group had brought 26 per cent stake of its Honda Company which is a Japan based company. Now the company has decided to remove the Honda name form the brand name of Hero Honda which was once launching the bikes that were rocking the Indian market. The name Honda will be replaced from the name such as Hero Honda Splendor and the Hero Honda Passion, Hero Honda Glamour and the Hero Honda Hunk. But on the another side the Hero Honda CD Deluxe and the Hero Honda CBZ Extreme are under the consideration process.
Hero Honda Splendor
The Hero group is going to re brand its bikes name from the month of April 2011. The new branded bikes will be available from the month of June this year. Firstly the name of the splendor and the passion will be re-changed with the Hero tag. The company has decided to re brand all the bikes and is slowly considering the different bikes that were under the Hero Honda tag.
Hero Honda Karizma The high end bike model by the Hero Honda company in the present date is the Hero Honda Karizma. This is very well renowned bike in the Indian market. The CD Deluxe is the base model of the Hero Honda company. It is also expected that the Hero Company is going to release new naming for their popular bikes. It will be a totally different idea and it will take some time. The Hero Company has already planned and this will be executed very soon in the coming time. Hero Honda is the no.1 bike selling company in the Indian market. All the models of the company have made a huge hit in the market. The bike has received good responses from the Indian customers. The Hero Honda company has been selling 4.6 million motorcycles per year. The Hero Honda company is expecting to sell 5 million bikes in this financial year. According to the final agreement between Hero and the Honda Company, the Hero companies going to use the Honda’s technology till the year of 2014. After 2014, the Hero bike will enable the bike with its own technology in India.

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